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Posted by Captain Canardly | Today @ 01:53 AM | 53 Views
Hello fellow builders! Missy iz pooped, and I don't wanna play video games, which leaves the best option in between covering and finishing my f3RES' birds is finishing AM (Tony) Beck's laser sets! I have not done any vias yet ( those cutaway thingies that hold parts in sheet form) and as I took screenshots, I see the "other" places where nesting has not been finished.
I am now driving on Version 11 of TurboCAD Mac, ( a Solidworks engine) which is now the 10th build which Tony and the birds have lived through!
I was a bit confused when I learned that Soaring Digest wanted hand drawn plans for their article, as I now have 10 full Gigs of info for these birds!
As I'm completing my story @ " I don't like doing surgery on my birds" in Sailplane talk, I'm getting the 1/32 sheeting boxes planned out CADwise.
The past couple years have been pretty intense for life bein' lived, but finally things are getting "in line"
The one other main thing is this would be an expensive kit, if all the parts are lasered, so Tony and I are figuring out the least expensive way to get these kids flying!
Please give us feedback! I do have files with no vias as now, but I need to nest a set of 4 more of proper material ribs 13-15, which are the polybreak ribs, with 1/16" plywood for the facing ribs being numbers 14.
Posted by GroundControlRC | Yesterday @ 10:21 PM | 107 Views
RC Tip #2 - Sharpen Those Blades!

RC Tip #2 - Sharpen Those Blades! (3 min 41 sec)

Don't throw that exacto or utility blade away just because it's dull! Sharpen it!

In this video we show you how to prolong the life of your blades and save you MONEY ;-)

The best price I have found on a 15 pack of the Exacto #11 Blades:

The best price I found for a 24" x 36" reversible cutting mat:

In the video I said 250 grit sandpaper and should have said 220 grit ;-(

220 grit sandpaper 4pk:

400 grit sandpaper 4pk:

Elmers Spray Adhesive:

Gain the Knowledge, feel the Passion!
Posted by Oxotnik | Yesterday @ 07:00 PM | 397 Views
Nothing special, but I thought that I’d do a build blog for the HK 1875mm B-17 that I recently purchased. I stumbled across the HK B-17 by accident. HK was running a sale, and I couldn’t pass up a great deal on a multi-engine warbird.

I’d have preferred to have gotten an OD Green B-17, but HK only had the silver in stock. I think that HK is discontinuing the B-17 and discounting their remaining stock to free up the shelf space. Glad to have gotten one.

I’m a warbirder, but not much of a bomber guy. So, I did some fast and furious research and decided to model the G Model I’ll Be Around of the 390th, on display in the Tucson Air Museum.

Mods planned:
- retractable tailwheel (FMS 1.4m Bf-109G Tail Wheel)
- G Model nose details (Freewing B-17G plastic parts)
- make the Main Struts more secure (replace grub screw with better fasteners, flatten spit on struts for grub screws, and probably drill/tap additional grub screw holes)
- Decal Set from Callie Graphics.
- weathering? Haven’t decided yet. I may leave it as a pristine B-17G, like the one on display in the Tucson museum.

This is how B-17 looks right now.

The guys over in the HK B-17 Discussion Thread have provided a lot of great information. A special shout-out to BornToLate and BRGT350 for being especially helpful!!!!
Posted by mlilasic | Yesterday @ 05:32 PM | 418 Views
Review of Vifly Finder 5V Super Loud Buzzer Tracker Over 100dB Built-in Battery 36 Hours for RC Drone

Notice: Now BG sell Vifly Finder v1.2 of this battery powered buzzer - lost drone finder- "New V1.2 Version, support 36 Hours beep"

This summer my friend RC pilot and I were flying over the woods and he crashed. Lipo on his drone got disconnected in crash so he lost possibility to turn on buzzer on his drone . We were looking for his quad for 6 hours and couldn't find it. Loss to be greater, he had GoPros 4 on quad with lots of flight footage. It was lost too.
That evening , when I got home, I ordered immediately this little device. It can work as ordinary buzzer, but slightly louder, but more important it has its own builtin battery so it will sound even flight pack gets disconnected from the quad, plane etc...

I highly recommend this product.

  • Brand Name: Vifly
  • Item Name: 5V Buzzer for RC Drone
  • Built-in Battery
  • Size: 23x13x16mm
  • Weight: 4g
  • New V1.2 Version, support 36 Hours beep

- A Working Buzzer after Battery Ejection
VIFLY Finder is designed with a built-in battery that gives it the power to sound an alarm even after the quad battery was disconnected.
VIFLY Finder charges itself simply by being plugged in.

- Much Louder than Standard Buzzer
To easily find the crashed quad in long distance, VIFLY Finder is designed to install a very loud beeper that the dB is over 100.

- One-Button Operation to Disarm the Buzzer
To disarm...Continue Reading
Posted by aero nishi | Yesterday @ 05:13 PM | 432 Views
I tried to control Mini Convergence VTOL with Futaba transmitter.

Control E-flite Mini Convergence VTOL with Futaba TX (0 min 16 sec)

MCV supports only Spektrum serial reciever(SPM4648), so I needed to simulate Spektrum serial.
Spektrum serial is 12500bps, 8bits, No parity and 1 stop bit. SPM4648 sends 16byte packet every 22ms.
At first I thought about converting SBUS to Spektrum with Arduino or mbed, but since I found "SBUS to PPM or Spektrum Serial Converter" is being sold on the internet, I decided
to use it.
I needed to modify the firmware of the converter slightly to match the output of SPM4648.
Since the voltage of MCV's receiver connector is 3.3 V, I took 5V from unused servo connector
of the MCV to power the converter and the SBUS receiver. The signal from the converter is
level-shifted and input to MCV.
Posted by biglombo | Yesterday @ 04:07 PM | 428 Views
Winter is coming | fpv freestyle | tbs source one - betaflight 3.5 (2 min 12 sec)

Winter is as much as you can before is too late...

I hope you enjoy and if you like what you see, please subscribe my channel! .....THANK YOU!!!


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Posted by yours truly | Yesterday @ 03:56 PM | 426 Views
So I recently got back into RC helicopters after a lengthy break and selling all my old stuff. I've already got 2 blade nanos and a blade 130s with a dx6e tx. It's good to be back and I'm thoroughly enjoying it
Posted by scousethief | Yesterday @ 03:54 PM | 432 Views

Eachine ROTG01 Pro UVC receiver is upgraded with audio,and two buttons which make you search the frequency up or down,also included 2 different cables for Type-C and Micro USB, and receiver sensitivity is more stable than the old version. It is a new receiver that you can connect to your smart phone directly instead of heavy monitor and good for those who feel dizzy when wear FPV goggles. It has low latency around 100ms. 150CH auto search allows to cover all 5.8G frequency bands. One-screen display and double-screen display are switchable.

Parameter :
Brand Eachine
Model ROTG01 Pro
Name UVC OTG FPV Receiver
Channel 150CH
Frequency Range 5645~5945
Sensitivity -90dBm
Working Current 200mA/5V
Power Supply 5V(by smart phone)
Operating Temperature -10~60℃
Connector RP-SMA Female
Weight About 28g
Size 61*33*0.9 mm
Color Black/White
Resolution 640*480
Please note:This Reciever only suits for Android phone that support UVC and make sure your phone can work with OTG connector.

How to check my phone support UVC:

APP Download:

Here's the phone list...Continue Reading
Posted by schumixmd | Yesterday @ 02:48 PM | 463 Views
The T8SG Lite arrived from Banggood.
I will use it few days and afterwards will update the review. Until then few photos.
Posted by thijs slotman | Yesterday @ 02:36 PM | 473 Views
yet another flight with the floss 210
FPV flight floss 210! and inverted yaw spins training. (4 min 5 sec)

Posted by rclad | Yesterday @ 01:48 PM | 496 Views
See the latest entry in my IMAC log here.
Video / Posted by HOMI_EPP / Yesterday @ 04:41 AM / 675 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
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Posted by HOMI_EPP | Yesterday @ 04:23 AM | 701 Views
good flying experience !just need to throw it out!
Posted by HOMI_EPP | Yesterday @ 04:16 AM | 717 Views
This is a patent product for EPP apply to soccer ball,EPP is non-toxic and can be bio-degradable,light weight but very endurable,and inflatable free,easy to wash and assemble,good toy for kids.
Posted by japim | Yesterday @ 02:54 AM | 963 Views
I just love this plane. It flies so well and I have lots of fun + it looks just awesome in the air. Maybe one day I will build a bigger version.

Follow me - flying behind P61 Black Widow (4 min 51 sec)

Posted by alex111 | Yesterday @ 01:14 AM | 993 Views
My HMY Britannia all hand made
Posted by GroundControlRC | Sep 17, 2018 @ 09:18 PM | 1,062 Views
Custom 250 Quad - Dustoff #1 - I wrecked it but good ;-(

Ground Control RC Custom 250 Quad - Dustoff #1 - I wrecked it but good ;-( (5 min 14 sec)

Well, I haven't flown my custom 250 quad in months.
Time for a DustOff flight ;-)
I just flashed my Flight Controller with BetaFlight.
The Flight Controller is an old CC3D unit.
This flight is to check it out and see how out of tune it is.
Sadly, I ran out of talent on a very bad default setup.
I had a lot of drift and vibration when flying through the prop wash.
I should have waited to get the tune accomplished before performing much acro not mention the fact that I am way out of practice.
I haven't evaluated all the damage yet to see what can be salvaged.
I guess I'm lucky I already have upgrade motors on order for this quad, I'm certainly going to need them ;-)

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!
Posted by old4570 | Sep 17, 2018 @ 09:08 PM | 1,061 Views

Yeah ! , some one has the dollar bug !

Seriously , a long time ago you could buy something for a dollar . ( I mean a long time ago - like the 1970's )
Those times are long gone , well so I thought .

Apparently , you can still get stuff sent to you ( mind you ) for a lousy dollar ...

And so what we have here is a little chucky ..

Building one is incredibly simple , you just need a match stick or something to punch out the cut outs for the wings N things .
There is no need for glue ..
This particular chucky is a stunt chucky ..
And by that I mean it is supposedly meant to do loops when you hurl it ..
If you look at the pictures you will notice I cut a new slot for the elevator so the chucky would glide straight ..
And glide straight it does ..

Only real issue is the weight , or lack there off !
These are really meant for indoor flight as the slightest breeze has a huge effect on the chucky ..
A school hall or something would be brilliant .
If you plan on relocating the elevator , a very sharp cutting tool will make short work of cutting a new slot ..

Flight trimming was easy , just tweak the foam wings or elevator to suit . ( They are very easy to mold with your fingers )
I was really amazed at how well such a small light chucky can glide without a breeze upsetting it .

What I like ..
1) Cheap @ $1
2) Easy to build ( Kid safe )
3) easy to tune
4) relatively robust

What I don't like
1) Stunt version (?) Will need a sharp cutting implement to correct
2) Indoors only - gets upset by the slightest breeze

Feebay Link