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Posted by FPV.Model | Aug 23, 2016 @ 01:43 AM | 2,766 Views
Since its establishment, FPV Model is committed to promote the FPV sports. We are aiming to provide you the FPV stuff with best possible quality and best possible price. At FPV Model, customer satisfaction is always our first priority.

We would like to know what you think on the products that purchased from us. Your honest reviews will make us do better in the future, also will help others to decide whether the products are suitable for them or not.

If you make a review of the products you purchased by posting on any FPV related forums, or your Youtube channel, blogs, and let us know how to find it, we will give you a special discount of 4% off with your next purchase. For some very high quality reviews, you will even receive a coupon code with the savings up to 10%.

Except the discounts, you will have a chance to get the free gifts like hat and T-shirt from FPV Model. Besides, if your reviews are pretty good, you may be chosen as one of our reviewers to test many of our new products in the future.

Send your web link of reviews to [email protected] now and get saved. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.
Posted by FPV.Model | Aug 03, 2016 @ 01:23 AM | 3,094 Views
Time to get your micro builds going with the new FX797T micro FPV cam & 5.8g 40ch 25mw Vtx combo.

Due to their size and adaptability, the FX797T micro camera and video transmitter has taken the FPV world by storm. This fabulous little piece of tech allows the user to install on the smallest of builds and get reception up to 100 meters in range. The design of this camera/vtx is intended to be small enough to mount on almost any micro flyer out there and it has found itís home in the Tiny Whoop/Blade Inductrix quad to be itís calling.

Featuring the full range of 40 Channels this camera outputs all common video signals including the latest ďrace bandĒ channels. Combined with itís low amp draw this camera is perfect for those tiny builds that are already using the smallest of batteries. Easy to install and easy to wire up(just gnd and power lines) this camera will simplify your build.

The FX797T micro FPV cam & 5.8g 40ch 25mw Vtx combo is now available in stock. Order yours before the stocks last.