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Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 07, 2018 @ 04:14 PM | 34,759 Views
Iíve been busy with a couple of projects. My stepson had sent me a Mavic Pro for my birthday, so Iíve started learning about drones and aerial photography. My TD plane (Shadow) had gotten long in the tooth and been through one crash. So I petitioned the finance minister for a new Shadow 2. Thank you Wifey and SoaringUSA. And not to forget, the South Florida Boys are returning to Oregon this May for a slope-cation. That means Iím on a repair/building frenzy on my slope ships for a late May departure.
I did squeeze in some flying this week. Poh prompted me into pulling out some birds. Thursday looked like good thermal conditions. So I met up with him at about 11AM at Eagleville soaring club with my Jerry, Radian, Gentle Lady and DJI Mavic Pro.
It was mixed clouds and sun. Suprisingly good lift. Poh flew his E-Shadow 1. At one point he had 35 minutes flight time on one launch. One of those days, if you got above the layer, you could stay up all day. I had some great times with my Jerry. Itís a lead sled, but the lift was everywhere above a certain altitude, and it could do no wrong. Trying out the Mavic Pro was fun. Iím not really a drone enthusiast, but the aerial photography side of it appeals to me. I shot a few movies and a couple pics. One is attached to the blog. Spent too much time fussing with my Radian. I had converted it from 72mhz to the FrSky system last week. It tested great at home, but the receiver wouldnít even light itís LED at the...Continue Reading