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Posted by burkefj | Oct 12, 2015 @ 12:02 PM | 9,086 Views
Here is the latest in my construction of large relatively lightweight rockets using depron as the primary structure. In this case the Atlas Missile, our first ICBM.

10" diameter, 82 inches tall, 6.3# AUW. I used my normal method of using a 29mm core tube with a 4" parachute bay at the top, the warhead section fits into the 4" parachute bay via a coupler and will be the part that ejects. Altimeter on the side near the transition with wiring that routes up the 29mm tube into the parachute bay. I've used some bt-70 for the warhead.

Again, the point of this is to make a large rocket that won't fly super high and can be flown in small areas. The structure and recovery components are sized for the planned weight, thrust and recovery/landing loads. I used a spreadsheet to keep track of each component weight and my rocksim simulation to get estimated CG to avoid having to add any additional nose weight. In the end I had to add only 3 oz to the nose, primarily becasue of my choice to use clear lexan fins which are heavier than foam/carbon.

The model is covered with monokote trim chrome and silver, only paint is on the very tip of the nose.
details were done with a fine and medium sharpie pen and with trim monokote. I wanted to avoid any extra weight and chance of something breaking off so I used the marking pens instead of 3d details.

Fins are 1/16" lexan with lightening holes in the root tab.
For the front/back fins I put yellow trim to simulate the...Continue Reading