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Posted by Justwingit | Sep 16, 2012 @ 10:32 PM | 9,213 Views
Here's some pics from this weekend's latest sorties out at the dry lakebed.

Fellow RCGroups member hillbille was at it again, and got some excellent snaps of the ol' Able Dog as I put her through her paces down at Calico dry lakebed this past Saturday.

I flew 4 2200's though her for about 40 minutes of flight time; this model just flys like a dream . Bring her into the wind with flaps and slow, low passes are sooo much fun !

Bill even shot some video, which I've attached here as well:

Johns Skyraider Calico 09 15 2012 (1 min 3 sec)

The link to all of the pictures from Saturday's Skyraider outing is here: http://www.bakehead.com/09_15_12/Joh...9_15_2012.html

I'll have to start flying this old girl more often as I haven't been down to the dry lakebed for awhile and forgot how much fun this model really is

Cheers all and happy flying !
Posted by Justwingit | Sep 12, 2012 @ 10:39 PM | 9,032 Views
Greetings all,

Here's a couple of videos I shot and set to music. This is my first time shooting video while flying so any tips or techniques would be greatly appreciated...

While flying with the Buzzards this weekend, RCGroups member hillbille loaned me his 808 #16 keychain cam for the week. I figured, "sure, why not" and took it home and charged it. Flew it the next morning on my T-28...which, BTW has become quite the camera hack as of late ! I took yet another of the multiple canopies I have for it (I have a total of three; all of which seem to be becoming quite specialized....), this one being the one I got from HZ with the dented "glass" and proceeded to stick the "hook" part of the Velcro on the glass in three different places (for different camera angles) and stuck the little camera on it and WOW!

The videos I posted are some of the first I've done so I know they're going to be a little on the rough side, but hey, you gotta start somewhere! This whole shooting video thing is alot of fun! I've been shooting about 10-15 minutes of video a day, mostly with the T-28, but some of it with the HZ SC, which I'll post later. In a way, if you're not careful, shooting video can get in the way of just enjoying the flying....I have to be careful not to let that happen! I even had to toss the Wildcat in the air for 20 minutes this evening just to keep me on the straight and narrow path...

For my music selection, I used some of my favorite...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Sep 11, 2012 @ 08:40 PM | 18,300 Views
Remembering those innocents who were murdered by cowardly terrorist thugs on this day 11 years ago, and the sacrifice of those in uniform who are to this day serving in the pursuit of freedom....some giving their last full measure of devotion to country...

Posted by Justwingit | Sep 10, 2012 @ 09:43 PM | 18,772 Views
The Barstow Buzzards, that is...

Last Saturday, at the request of a buddy who works up here at Fort Irwin, I went back down to the Calico dry lakebed, where I used to fly my Zero, before I got tired of driving 30 miles each way just to fly my FMS 1400mm Zero for 30 minutes. It took longer round trip just to drive there than it did to run through 4 or 5 2600 mAh batteries in the Zero !

Anyway, since I've been flying the PZ T-28, Wildcat and the TH Corsair, I've been racking up alot of flight time right here on Ft. Irwin out at the golf course driving range. I fly almost everyday (at least when I'm not out playing in the desert...), whether it's morning or evening, and have been having a blast.

I woke up, checked the wind over a cup of coffee, and headed out the door by 0730. I decided to bring the T-28 (it has landing gear) and put the gear back on the TH Corsair, just so I could fly it down at the dry lakebed. I did slightly modify the gear, however. I put some PZ Spitfire wheels on the stock gear legs that I had purchased a while back, just because they were on sale...never pass up a deal, even if you don't own the model they're designed for! Personally, I think they look much more scale-like than the stock wheels, which look like they came off a .60 sized Cub...

Anyway, got there by 0800 or so, and met some of the modellers with the local RC club who go by the moniker "The Barstow Buzzards", an absolutely wonderful bunch of guys.

Nobody was flying...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Sep 04, 2012 @ 09:26 PM | 18,984 Views
Last friday, the 31st of August, was my father's 79th birthday, and I decided to go a little overboard....

But first, a little background.

My father is the one who can basically be blamed for getting me hooked on all things that fly from a very early age. And that's a good thing. There's other things to be hooked on, and most aren't nearly as healthy as a love of things that fly.

Being born and raised in San Diego (please don't hold that against me...) I fondly remember him taking me to airports to watch planes, countless airshows, and the original San Diego aerospace museum before some dork burned it to the ground in the late seventies...I still remember to this day gazing at the unrestored Zero sitting on the museum floor before the arsonist destroyed all that priceless, unrecoverable history....what a stinking waste. I hope that SOB rots in you know where...but back to what's important.

He used to fly old-timer free flight models converted to 2 channels (no joke! Just elevator and rudder) like the "Buzzard Bombshell", the "Powerhouse" and the "Super Sniffer". He still has several of them hanging in his garage. He also has a dozen or more of priceless old radio systems dating to the early 70's; systems like the "Galloping Ghost" and at least two very old Futaba systems. I used to go flying with him pretty much every Saturday and Sunday. He'd launch the planes, and when they ran out of fuel, would just glide them down,...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Aug 27, 2012 @ 11:45 PM | 19,455 Views
Last Thursday morning, I had the time to take out both of the fighters in the hanger, the stalwart Parkzone F4F Wildcat and the newcomer, the Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair.

Although I only planned on flying them for fun and relaxation, I suddenly realized I had the unique opportunity to compare them side by side, so to speak, and to fully experience these warbirds, flying them one after the other.

The first thing that one realizes when viewing these aircraft together, or perhaps I should say has to realize, is that although they are completely different aircraft, they were both designed at roughly the exact same time.

Both aircraft were designed to meet Naval requirements for Carrier based fighters, but the Companies involved took completely different approaches to the issue at hand.

The Wildcat, coming from the Grumman corporation, clearly took the more traditional, perhaps safer, approach, and was really not a whole lot more than a bi-plane design with the upper wing removed. (Now, before I get flamed, I realize there's much more to it than that, but in the effort to save space, I've condensed about two years worth of research and design work; and let's face it, in it's essence, it really was a modified bi-plane design.) The Wildcat was powered by the Pratt & Whitney R-1830-76 double-row radial engine, which produced roughly 1,200 hp at take-off. True, there were some serious design changes that had to be done to make the aircraft flyable,...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Aug 21, 2012 @ 08:08 PM | 21,367 Views
Have you ever wondered what you would get if you crossed a PZ F4U Corsair with an Alfa Corsair?

Okay, probably not, but, if you ever do wonder what the likely outcome would be, I can assure you it'll probably look something like this latest offering from Tower Hobbies.

I've seen this model advertised for a few months now, but never really gave it more than a passing glance --- I was too consumed with looking for "scale" models instead of just looking for models to fly.

I guess I just couldn't see the forest thru the trees....

My recent shift in modeling priorities has resulted in me purchasing some old standbys in the RC modeling world, notably the legendary Parkzone T-28 Trojan and the popular F4F Wildcat, and selling off some bigger models that, although they flew exceptionally well, were a royal pain in the you know what to get to the flying field, at least for me. I wanted models that were easy to toss into the back of a compact car, and used pretty standard, fast charging 3S batteries. The Parkzone models were just the ticket, and as I stated in an earlier blog entry, I couldn't be happier in my decision.

I recently got a catalog from Tower Hobbies in the mail (I know, I know, hard to believe some companies actually still do that!) and at about the same time, I noticed the Tower Hobbies F4U thread here on RCGroups. Hmmm....maybe this could/should be something worth checking out. The first few folks on the thread seemed pretty...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Aug 20, 2012 @ 10:39 PM | 19,039 Views
Last Friday found me out of the desert, and staring down the barrel of a beautiful, windless morning. What else is there to do, but face the challenge of a beautiful morning boldly and courageously:

I went flying

It's been awhile since I was on the sticks, and my mind had been on other things the last couple of weeks, so I took out what I like to call "the pair" and put the T-28 up in the air first, to test the waters, so to speak. Flew it around for about 8 minutes, a roll here and there, maybe a loop or two and all was well. After a fairly decent landing (didn't grease it, but it didn't look that bad, either....I guess I'm my own worst critic) and feeling confident the cobwebs had been knocked off, I decided to try out the new and improved Wildcat...new and improved in that I was trying out the T-28 Trojan 2-blader for the first time.

In a word, !!!!!

Holy cow, that prop blade on the chubby little model flew every bit as good as people here on RCGroups have been raving about. I simply couldn't believe how well the model did with that prop. First, at a little over half throttle, the plane flew nice and level and straight out of my hand on launch. I knew right away it was going to be a special flight. I flew her out on a nice gentle climb and slowly banked her around to the right and lined up on my position. At about 150 feet altitude, I cracked the throttle wide-open and the little plane exploded forward! I put the nose down just a tad, leveled the...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Jul 30, 2012 @ 09:16 PM | 19,487 Views
Sunday morning brought abundant sunshine, and, once again, no wind!!! Or, at least very little to speak of... I decided to bring my faithful pair to the field, a pair that more than a few RC modellers have in their hanger, the Parkzone T-28 Trojan and the F4F Wildcat.

Today, I'm going to focus on the T-28 Trojan and we'll get to the Wildcat a little bit later.

I've always looked at Parkzone models not as inferior, but certainly "not as detailed" as the FMS and Durafly brands. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted aircraft that I could easily load up into the car, and take the five minute trip across post and fly, fly, fly. I love my Durafly Skyraider....but it's picky about where it flys....it likes hard surfaces. That entails a 20-30 minute drive each way depending on where I go. To some, that may not be a deterrent. To me, it is. I really like flying here on Ft. Irwin, and my favorite place is the driving range. So I decided on a major life change....at least in regards to my hanger... I begrudgingly sold my Blitzworks/Starmax 1400mm L-4 Grasshopper, and my FMS 1400mm Zero and decided to embark in an entirely new direction: I bought a Parkzone PNP Wildcat and a PNP T-28B Trojan.... AND COULDN'T BE HAPPIER !

Being a bit of an aviation history buff, and a warbird afficiando, I am drawn to faithful reproductions of certain aircraft. The Skyraider has always held a special place in my heart because of it's unique story in the annals of U.S....Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Jul 29, 2012 @ 12:02 AM | 19,273 Views
Dusted off a plane I haven't flown for about a month, took her to "the field" and put her through her paces.....

What plane you may ask

Why, only the greatest ground attack aircraft of all time: The Douglas AD-4N Skyraider.

My plane happens to be the Durafly 1100mm version. It's a great model, and Durafly did an outstanding job with the scale details and look of the plane. Unlike the Blitzworks/Starmax 1600mm version, this one actually looks like a Skyraider, not similar to a Skyraider There was something about the 1600mm version that just didn't look right to me...to each his own. I love Skyraiders, and I wanted that one baaaad, but for some reason, I always held off on that one....until I saw the Durafly 1100mm version. WOW! That model actually looked like a Spad....great markings...great features....a decent size that fits in most smaller cars....SOLD!!!!

Just one little problem......this model likes hard packed runways because it's prone to nose-over on grass Sorry, but it's a well known fact, not conjecture, this plane will dig the prop in, no matter how much "up" elevator you have during taxi and take-off on grass. Yesterday, I noticed the groundkeepers had mowed my little flying field....really, really close....hmmmm....maybe I should give the Spad a try....

This morning dawned bright and sunny (like it always does here in the Mojave...) and there was no wind. Perfect! I head out the door with the Skyraider and 5 fully charged...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Jul 27, 2012 @ 11:35 PM | 18,826 Views

Had a great day of flying! Started off with dawn patrol: I woke up before the sun, had a cup of coffee, checked the wind (thankfully it was dead calm) and loaded up the planes for the 5 minute trip over to the "flying field".

Actually, it's the Fort Irwin "Pitch and Putt", a little six hole Golf Course and Driving Range. I don't Golf, but Golf Courses make great places to fly Park Flyers....especially if nobody else is using the course ! I set up on the Driving Range: it has sun-shades and little pads of astro-turf for the Tee-Boxes which make great places to park the planes and use as a flight ramp. There's a wonderful patch of well-watered, close-cut grass about 35x50 yards that I use as my runway. What's even better is that the grassy part of the driving range is elevated about 10-15 feet off of the rest of the range, so it's a little like flying off a carrier flight deck...I can fly the planes right off the edge and they float off into a nice graceful climb out. Just awesome...I couldn't ask for a better place to fly.

Anyway, flew the T-28 and the Wildcat for about an hour, from roughly 0600 to 0700, then packed it up to get ready for work. Went back to the field after work, this time with my trusty photographer, my Wife. Now, Loyd, she's not quite as good as your daughter, but with a little practice, she just might get there ! I am proud of the pics she got, she was really trying, and even asked me to do repeated passes trying to get...Continue Reading
Posted by Justwingit | Jul 27, 2012 @ 10:36 PM | 18,314 Views

As some of you may have noticed, I can get a little long-winded on the threads... Here it doesn't matter --- in fact it's encouraged !

Anyway, I'll try to keep y'all informed as to what I'm flying, and hopefully share ideas, detailing pictures, flight pictures, etc.

Lighthearted flying discussion will always be welcome, as well as serious warbird and history discussion.

Justwingit !