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I glued one of the Bee 490 wings together ( just the foam bits )
Really wanted to get some idea on weight ( 34 grams for the foam bits )
And what I was going to do with the wing ?

1s Brushed or 2s Brushed / 1s brushless or 2s brushless

F949 F959 or something else ?

Hmmm , to many choices !

First I need to do more 1s brushless testing ..

Planning things out ( The best laid plans and all that )

34 grams for a base weight ... ?

Motor choice - Do I go for something small and light ? 3 to 4 grams
And then expect thrust in the 40+ gram region ( limited testing so far )
Or go for a heavier motor 10 gram , and maybe get 90+ grams of thrust . ( 1s )

Oh dear , if I go for Uber light , then I will have ? thrust .
But if I go higher , I may have better than 1:1 thrust to weight .

Small motor 4 grams ? Rx 3 grams , ESC 3 grams = 10 grams maybe ?
This would make about 44 grams ..
Then add ? servos and battery and hardware .. Possibly 60 something grams flying weight with 40 something grams of thrust .

The other way , with a 10 gram motor .. It would be only 6 grams more weight for the motor , but a heavier battery needed for CG possibly ..
So maybe 70 something grams with 90+ grams of thrust ..

Interesting .. No?

All up I have 4 wings to put together ..
One wing will be FPV and I did hope to put a flight control board on it .. ( Flight control board ??? - no idea where it is - post ? )

Oh well ! things to mull over ...
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 25, 2019 @ 01:27 PM | 5,945 Views
Hello good people!

As the title says, this is perhaps the Finalized Summary on the:

3D Printed 9-Cylinder Radial Engine & E-Flite AT-6 Texan with PZ 480.

I believe that I did a good job providing the Summary over at RCUniverse and you all can read up on it at:

For those truly interested then, you can visit Peter's Web Site over at:

Some Teaser Pics:

...Continue Reading
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Nov 25, 2019 @ 11:22 AM | 6,185 Views
Ghost Rabbit GR1 suspension flex (0 min 33 sec)

The 4-link solid rear axle suspension gives an impressive 185 mm of axle articulation. Combined with its high ground clearance and remote diff locks this will allow for some serious off-roading...
Posted by UnknownForces RC | Nov 25, 2019 @ 11:15 AM | 5,398 Views
Ghost Rabbit GR1 suspension assembled (0 min 48 sec)

Ground clearance under the chassis is very high with nearly 120 mm, which greatly enhances off-road capabilities.

The trailing arm front mount is bolted to the bottom of the chassis tub and reaches to the outside through a hole in the side of the tub. That way the chassis' strong 5 mm sidewall works as an additional brace without the need for more bolts. This improves the strength of the mounting point significantly without causing inconvenience for maintenance tasks.
Posted by bill_delong | Nov 25, 2019 @ 11:01 AM | 5,527 Views
Short Answer: Not anytime soon

Long Answer: Graupner was founded in 1930 by Johannes Graupner in Stuttgart-Wangen. They would be taken over by his son Hans in 1953 and was sold to SJ Ltd (Korean based) in 2013. While the German plant had remained in operations since the buyout, it has been too expensive to keep that location open so the German location was shut down in 2019. Operations will remain the same for South Korean and US based distribution entities as the company is re-structured to reduce operating expenses.

Check out more stuff on My Bookmarks page!
Posted by ell198679 | Nov 25, 2019 @ 03:26 AM | 5,847 Views
Posted by Rowhider | Nov 25, 2019 @ 01:10 AM | 5,902 Views
Hello Guys,

I have done this little video about my new Tamiya Top Force model bought, one of the best Tamiya offroad model ever.

We do a review of the Top Force genesis since the very first Manta-Ray Prototype to the Top Force Evolution. After that a full unboxing is done.

It is the first video from a little series on this Top Force


Posted by VicT | Nov 24, 2019 @ 10:55 PM | 6,458 Views
I recently bought a used Allusive motorglider with Hitech MG servos and a NTM Motor with an Eflite 40 amp Lite Pro ESC. Specs state 55 amps for 15 sec. A hard brake was programmed using the ESC online manual.

The 12/7 prop on 3 S used 30A and 325 watts.
With the same prop but with A 4S she drew 45 amps and 623 watts.
Posted by UpNup | Nov 24, 2019 @ 07:14 PM | 6,833 Views
When measuring for graphics I discovered the fuselage and wings were a different scale.

P-51B Pony
WS 37’ = 444 in. - 62.75” is 1/7.01 scale
It is supposed to be 57.5 — 1:7.7
L 32.25 = 387 in. = 50.5” is 1/7.7

It stunned me. I felt betrayed ... by plans. I felt stupid not having anticipated this eventuality. Should I start again? Where? Is there hope? Will she fly this close to the end?

What went wrong? The plans printed the WS but did not include the center tray where the wings connect to the fuselage. That tray was 5” wide.

In checking with experts I learned that it shouldn’t affect the flight characteristics. One person suggested raising the rudder higher. This would require adding 1/2 inch to go from 1/7.7 scale to 1/7.0. At this point I do not think it’s worth the effort.

One side note—I cannot print decals big enough, so I plan to order them from Callie Graphics.
Posted by PeteSchug | Nov 24, 2019 @ 06:28 PM | 6,857 Views
Adventures and Misadventures

I learned to fly sailplanes in the winter and there was a premium placed on landing at the beginning of the runway. There was a foot or more of snow on Wurtsboro airport and there was a crust of boilerplate on the snow about 3/4ths of an inch thick. The runway itself was packed snow. We landed on the packed runway at the takeoff point rolling to the edge being careful not to hit the boilerplate, which could cut through the fabric covering the Schweitzer 2-22. We were also careful to have the runway side wing down so the tow plane could land short since taxiing had to be done on the runway itself. Right from the beginning I was doing spot landings with a purpose.

On the last flight of the day we came in at redline (80 mph as marked on the ASI but 89 mph according to the specs) flew inches off the ground and touched down near the far end of the runway then turned off toward the hangar, banking the glider on the turn and stopping just in front of the hangar. I did this while Little Tony gave me verbal instructions then on later flights without instruction.

I soloed and as winter slowly turned to spring my flight durations gradually increased until that fantastic day when the first real thermals appeared and I got my first hour long flight.

I spiraled up to over 5,000 feet, practicing centering in a thermal for the first time. Nobody taught me, this was all from discussion and reading. George Moffat out climbed me in his HP-8, aka "...Continue Reading
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I installed a push-button in my QX7 for DLG launch mode. I can reach it while maintaining a firm grip with my other three fingers on the radio, and it has a rounded shape which is easy to park my index finger on or next-to without accidentally pressing it. It has a nice firm positive action when pressed.
Where I installed it there is enough space inside for the threaded body and terminals. Source is Digikey, part number is EG4575-ND
Posted by Bill M - RC | Nov 24, 2019 @ 03:54 PM | 6,208 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Eachine Novice-1 review. Great FPV beginner package with provision for upgrading as you progress, good for advanced operators too. In this Eachine Novice-1 review I include unboxing, features, basic functions and outdoor test time trials and flights. Indoor tests to follow soon.

Get this Eachine Novice-I 75mm 1-2S Whoop FPV Racing Drone RTF & Fly more w/ WT8 2.4G Transmitter 5.8Ghz 48CH VR005 Goggles - Fly more 10x Battery Version here now:

Eachine Novice 1 review - All in one FPV Whoop Starter Pack (22 min 55 sec)

Posted by Eddie P | Nov 24, 2019 @ 02:06 PM | 6,684 Views
Many aviation careers and aircraft ownership experiences were started by a life of model aviation, especially when model aviation is exposed to kids. My history is no exception.

This is my full size RV-8. I fly her to work sometimes, where I get to fly airliners for my career job. On days off I enjoy formation, aerobatics and taking friends and family flying in the 8.

I have my parents, family and friends to thank mostly, but also model aviation (with all the great people and mentors in model aviation to thank), for teaching me to “speak airplane” fluently from a young age.

A change in topic follows, but not really... In the United States, and indeed in “many” (not all) first world countries, commercial aviation is a highly refined, mature, and... a profoundly safe activity.

It with with empirical proof that it is safer to live on board a U.S. Major Airline airliner than it is to live in one’s own home. This is not a competition between any form of transportation. It’s a victory in safety, won by the Major Airlines, over even an activity as viscerally comfortable and secure as living in one’s own home, as far as personal longevity goes.

Most, even within the global international aviation community, can’t comprehend this distinction. They certainly can’t meet the data with their flight operations. This achievement was by no accident or entitlement. It’s taken many lives, over 100 years, and countless efforts by...Continue Reading
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Halloa people

one of the essential tools for our hobby is a Servo Tester. This one from ToolKitRC is far more then just a simple servo tester.. Also has a high gatget factor by the way

Link to this servo tester: ToolKitRC ST8 advanced Servo Tester

And here is my show & tell of it

ToolKitRC - ST8 Advanced Servo tester - Show & Tell! (and GiveAway Announcement :)) (16 min 56 sec)

Posted by Cox PT-19 | Nov 24, 2019 @ 09:32 AM | 7,243 Views
----From another thread about installing external fuel tank for .049 power in a Sterling Minnie Mambo------------

Little Traveler was, at first, going to make fuel stops along the way on it's flight for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, using a Cox "Dragonfly" .049, as that was about the biggest engine-mounted tank offered. When a flying buddy heard about the project, and my trying to determine suitable landing/fueling sites along the way, he said, "Wuhl Hell! Why don't you just do it non-stop?" Wuhl Hell!!! Why Not!!!???

So, Little Traveler got some internal gutting, with a 4 oz Sullivan Tank tuned on it's side and shoved into it's cramped nose space. Like you, I just HAD to have a nose block (like my original Minnie) because, I thought it needed a nose block to suit my barely negotiable nostalgic demands.

I got a "Red Scorpion" .049 from Bernie at Cox International, and made a ply spacer to move it's prop out past the nose (the nose HAD to retain it's original shape---nostalgia again), and to also get the engine away from the firewall far enough to allow some "curl" in the silicone fuel line to keep it from kinking as it looped around to the brass tube epoxied in the ply next to the engine.

When fueling, I pull the plug from the internal line and pump fuel in 'till it comes out of the external vent/overflow tube. I do have to pull Little Traveler's wing to do this, but once filled, the Minnie is good for 30 minutes...Continue Reading
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DJI Black Friday Sale - Mavic 2 Pro , Ronin S and OSMO Action Deals Now On (7 min 14 sec)

The DJI Black Friday deals have started and there are decent discounts on a number of products such as the OSMO Pocket and OSMO Action as well as Ronin S and Mavic 2 Pro in the USA.

Below are the ones I think are good deals in this sale and worth a look if your looking to purchase.

The OSMO Action

DJI OSMO Action has some decent reductions being down to $279 in the USA and £249 in the UK.

The OSMO Action is a very good action style camera and holds up very well against the GoPro models and has some massive benefits over the 7 Black and 8 such as the front facing screen and the simplicity of its menus and smart app.

Below is my review of the OSMO Action as well as a link to the Black Friday deal.

OSMO Action Review

DJI OSMO ACTION Review & Full Overview Of Features (17 min 10 sec)
...Continue Reading
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For some time now i have developed alternative tail blades for the 200SRX / 230S / 250CFX, initially to get around the weak unit on the 200 that broke anytime you touched grass and then to get more thrust onto the tail of the 230 and especially the 250 to combat the weak tail - screaming tail motor deal.

Inital setups used 3" quad props in 3045 and 3053 pitch, both worked well on the 200 and 230 but still stuggled with the 250.

I had tried a 4025 2 blade prop on the 230 based huey and found it worked well but the prop itself was rather flexible and i was apparent that more pitch would be good. I tried a 3 blade 4045 bullnose quad prop but these where to heavy and the motors overheated so that set the upper limit.

I then spotted some very nice folding 4" 2 bladed quad props from microhel in 4045 pitch, these needed a simple adapter and worked perfect on the huey scale bird and the 250 CFX. It pretty well cured the wild tail yaw on the 250.

I relayed details to microheli on the 2 blade setup. They in response came up with a 3 blade cf setup with a span in between the stock unit and the 4" two blader prototype I developed. The MH team have sent me there new CF folding 3 blade unit to test.

Intention is to bench thrust tests each setup on a stock 230s tail and compare max thrust levels.

Lets look at the various setups.

Have to say the build quality of the Microheli folding 3 blade Carbon Fibre unit is stunning, these is a very nicely made high quality part.
check them out here:

with the 30% off sale this unit is a total bargain !