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TINY100 Promo (2 min 43 sec)

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Favourite FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC BLHeli_S OPTO 2-4S Supports Mulitshot OneShot125 Oneshot42

-Favourite FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC BLHeli_S OPTO 2-4S Supports Mulitshot OneShot125 Oneshot42

Product Details
Item name: FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC
Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
BEC Output: No
Continue Current: 20A, Burst Current: 25A up to 10S
Size: 23.5*12mm
Weight: 4g(include Power and signal wire)
Support Damped mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multshot
MOS: Both low and high side fets are Nfets
Switching speed is very fast, it has dedicated driver chip
BLHeli S Bootloader & Firmware

Item Packing

1 x FVT LittleBee 20A-S ESC
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Killing GoPros (1 min 20 sec)

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After buying and building several Pan and Tilt set-ups I got tired of how cheaply the purchased ones were and how flimsy most were. The biggest problem has always been the pan axis is simply never robust enough. When I did find something that was strong enough (for me) it was always too heavy, too expensive, to complicated with gears or belts or presented too much wind area.

So, here is my Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt

Build Wiki

385 degrees rotation is just enough!

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May 2, 2016

D80 K-Ojima 250mph over
乱気流さん Dynamic80 400km超え連発 (4 min 44 sec)

Kinetic 80"DP E-Koyama 346mph
k山さん Kinetic100dp 554km (1 min 51 sec)
...Continue Reading
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from @nerthur_fpv

A Estrada #Ruralglobal Drone race (2 min 9 sec)

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Now that the engine is mounted (sort-of at this point) the linkage for the choke and throttle servos were installed - used 4-40 rods for that task as shown in the first pic.

Installed the elevator servos and the rudder servo; used some larger servo mounting screws as shown in the third picture. Then I mounted the horizontal stab and epoxied the rudder on also. Notice the large GAP in the rudder and notice what happens when you counter-bore the hinge as seen in the second photo.

Controls work great with the exception of the High Torque High Draw High Cost rudder servo....seems it doesn't like my poor old 7 channel RX. Lucky for the owner, he has supplied a very NICE receiver (but my JR 9303 Tx doesn't talk to that either.....

But the rudder works just fine anyway. Moved on to the retractable tail wheel. WATACHALLENGE. First of all it didn't fit and some of the fuse sides had to be 'removed'.

Once it fit, the two screws holding it in place didn't hit the plywood shelf; so two more holes were drilled and now 6 screws hold that puppy in place instead of four

Then on to the pull-pull cables used for steering. Mounted servo and made cables - and one came out 1/4" too short! Gotta redo that one - darn.
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I recently received a UFly W606-3 from Gearbest to review. It is a very cool and unique looking quadcopter and it has a decent camera. The FPV quality is pretty good for a $100 drone. But that's where the good parts stop. This quadcopter is slow, heavy and not very responsive. It is also a bit of a pain to assemble because every thing on it needs to be screwed together when you get it out of the box! Take a look at this video and decide if it's something you want to buy.
Name: UFly_W606-3_Thumbnail.jpg
Views: 70
Size: 384.3 KB
If you do decide that it's the right quadcopter for you, please consider purchasing from this link, which supports my Youtube channel Ready Set Drone.

Check out the video review here:
Drone Review - UFly W606-3 Camera Quadcopter (11 min 20 sec)

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Come to Lightake $34.99 to get one Skull

Some Video for it

Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe (2 min 14 sec)

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Tattu R-Line FPV lipo Battery Review by Albert Kim (10 min 29 sec)

Preliminary review of the new R-Line battery from GensAce Tattu.

Performed better than I expected. If you need serious power, this battery is definitely worth a look.

GensAce Tattu R-Line 1550mah 95c 4s Lipo: in stock
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DJI Mavic Pro Drone | First Thoughts On (10 min 50 sec)

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RISE RXS 270. - SUPER FAST in my testing. The new RISE line of drones by Hobbico is here. This is their 6" prop powered by 2206s on 4S. This quadcopter comes setup with CC3D and ready to go in Libre Pilot. This racer is really mild or can be a beast on full throttle. If you are looking for a quad with plenty of cargo space and power. This quad has plenty of room and power to share.

My RC Groups Blog with more reviews:

RISE RXS270 Website here:

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS Review:


- No building required. Repairs are easy. I put a new
motor on just using the bullet connectors to the ESCs. Pretty nice.
- 6" Props provide plenty of power
- 2206 Motors
- Futuba 6K T-FHSS Transmitter is highly customizable
and offers SBUS receivers for use with fpv quads.
- CC3D Flight Controller ( already setup for you )
- Various Modes including flips mode: Rattitude
- Easy enough for a beginner to fly and see using LOS.
- Fast and agile enough for a pro to rip up a larger sized race course.
- Fly on 3S or 4S Batteries
- 3.5 mm Carbon frame and arms
- Tactic 200mw Transmitter with 32 Channels
- 600 TVL CMOS Fpv Camera ( clear camera and very good color )
- Works with Fatsharks and Boscam goggles.
- 4 in 1 ESCs are tucked under the frame for protection in crashes.
- SBUS Futuba conpatible receiver works great with the 6K Radio.
- RP SMA Circular...Continue Reading
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I decided that due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not finish the Bamboo Bomber on Zeke's thread, but here where I have more control over the content. Stay tuned . . .
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Here is a review of a nice and affordable balance charger for your r/c hobbies,the Gool RC B6 balance charger.This compact little charger is a nice quality charger.It will balance charge a 2-6 cell lipo batteries and is also capable of charging a variety of other hobby batteries such as Nihm,and NiCad .Definitely a decent charger for the price and a good step up from many of the supplied r/c chargers that come with our r/c goodies

GoolRC B6 Balance Charger Review (5 min 22 sec)

You can purchase the GoolRC B6 balance charger here :

Also you can use this promo code good till October 31,2016 for 20% off : BX7OK6YU