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Posted by jda | Feb 02, 2018 @ 01:50 PM | 2,604 Views
Am starting another project... a big one, likely to last a year so be patient. (that's directed to me) First, can anyone translate the boats name for me? Second, has anyone built the model? To me this has the appearance of what my wife calls a "pretty" boat. Because I plan on a steam plant I may leave off the masts. If you wish to follow the build, I will be posting in the Steam Boats. Happy trails!
Posted by jda | Aug 02, 2017 @ 08:09 PM | 5,012 Views

I have built from plans for many years without any major problems. That's no longer true. Am posting an old Marine Modeler plan that has me befuddled. The wood parts, which were accurately cut out simply don't go together. I planned on doing a build of this boat here in RC Boats but so far it has been unlike anything I've tried.
Can't believe it's been over two years since posting to my blog. Have been building some static models and recently an RC sail boat. I've also been refurbishing some of my older boats.
Some new thoughts. What a shame that more young people are not entering this hobby of boat building. I am entering that advanced age where one doesn't remember where things are in the shop and you are excited when you find a tool you didn't know you had. Do I worry about who will take over all this "stuff " or is life only about accumulating it? It has certainly been satisfying. How to start. My sister gave me a Scientific kit of the "Eagle" when my wife first got pregnant. Said "you will need something to do while your wife sleeps on the couch in the evenings." That started it and while my wife didn't get pregnant that often, I have managed over the years to build over 50 models. Some have been given away to relatives and friends. Some sank. Hey, they were boats. I know this is an RC site but I plan to show as many of my boats as I have pictures.....scale, fast electrics and static. While they are not of the...Continue Reading