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Just found this on CL for a couple hundred bucks. Anybody have any experience with one of these? Need engine if anybody has one let me know?
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Always nice to be the first person to respond to a great deal on CL, but sometimes you miss out and would rather have never seen it. The deals that get away, make you appreciate the one's you get that much more. Here's two of my latest CL super deal finds. Please share yours!

First one: Hpi Savage XL 5.9 complete w/4 gallons of PowerMaster fuel $50

Second: Aeromarine Cyclone 45" Cat complete $100
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Newport 12 meter
Posted by LUV2REV | Nov 01, 2017 @ 06:09 PM | 8,311 Views
Bob Eger has gone above and beyond the call of duty to locate and present me with Weetamoe. Bob is a great person, made me feel like family.

Posted by LUV2REV | Jul 15, 2017 @ 07:29 PM | 8,201 Views
Ok this is one for the books! just purchased Hpi Savage Flux Hp from E-Bay. Clean, no road rash, 2.4 ghz newest model, four lipos and original box. It was a fair deal. The seller had 100% feedback. I always look for original packaging as it's a clue to the way a person treat their possessions. Or maybe a little obsessive like me lol. I get the truck and everything looks good until I notice a lot of wheel movement. That's when I notice the aftermarket wheel hub that are to big for the axle and large finishing nails cut off and bent over for axle pins. Had to remove the wheel with the knuckle to access the bent over nail with a cut off wheel to be able to drive them out with a punch and hammer. The seller told me his buddy fixed it for him. Luckily the buddy didn't work on anything else. The seller did the right thing and refunded me for the parts that we're required to make it right.
Posted by LUV2REV | Dec 28, 2016 @ 06:19 PM | 8,044 Views
I went to purchase a paddle board from a individual on craigslist while in his garage finalizing the deal for the paddle board I noticed two RC sailboats in the back of his garage. I commented on the RC sailboats and mentioned that I was also in the hobby. After conversing about our boats he asked me if I would like to have them for free. Two boats, radios and rigging . He also gave me a roll of sail cloth and a sail form. Notice the Keel might be askew and no access hatch but the price was right.