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Posted by Millzye | Apr 15, 2014 @ 06:49 PM | 3,129 Views
I have been using the Spectrum DX6i for a while now, and wanted to be able to kill the throttle on a motor so that no minor accidents occur when working on planes or at the field when flying.

The DX6i as we know only has a throttle cut button that you have to keep depressed to cut the motor, which in hindsight does work. but I think it was mainly designed for Gas engines not Electric motors.

So I searched on YouTube and found a video of how to remove the old throttle cut button, and then add in a switch.

1. Remove the back cover, and unplug the electronics from the main board, which then you can fully remove the rear casing.

2. Locate the Throttle cut switch and unscrew it, by removing the 2 screws. Undersold the 2 wires and completely remove the old button.

3. This will leave 2 screw posts that you have to remove for the switch to fit. You can either do it with a dremel tool, or do it as i did with a pair of wire cutters ( no one is going to see it, so they cant comment on how rough it looks).

4. Once the posts are removed, check that the new switch will sit properly. Once you are happy with its seating, solder the 2 wires onto the switch.

5. Place the switch into the hole, and then secure it into position with the front nut.

6. Temporarily attach the electronics and rear casing and test that the switch is working correctly.

"Voila" you now have a throttle cut switch, instead of a throttle cut button.