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Posted by ajaxcrypto | Jun 13, 2014 @ 08:12 PM | 2,567 Views
Blue Tape and Balsa
I use a lot of painters tape or blue tape when it comes to sanding models. I use it wherever I don't want the sandpaper to gouge a surface. When blending a soft balsa block to a wing sheeting out comes the blue tape. I do 99% of the sanding with the tape protecting the sheeting. I remove the tape for the last little bit and I get a nice finish without any thin spots in the sheeting. Anytime one surface is sanded to match another I find myself using a little tape.

Power tools and balsa
Using a saw table to cut balsa wood seems like overkill, but I get really clean accurate cuts that way. The cleaner the cut, the less glue I use, the lighter the plane, the better it flies.

Use a sharp knife
This is one I always need to remind myself of. It's probably the least expensive tool I have and yet I always seem to neglect it. To cut a soft wood you need a sharp knife.

Zip Lock storage bags
At the start of a building project I will use Zip Lock freezer storage bags to organize small parts. This is specially true for kits that die cut wing and fuselage parts from the same sheet.