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Posted by mcsonic | Aug 18, 2015 @ 06:01 AM | 3,108 Views
Had 2 Planes that indicated low RX battery while flying so landed.
First plane went full throttle as the plane was finishing it's roll out & got airborne with no control from the TX.
Second plane landed & taxied to the flight line & was idling when it also went full throttle crashing into a fence & also didn't have any response from the TX.
Both planes had different TX's & RX's
Testing on the bench the fail safe's were set correctly when TX's were turned off.
Also on the bench, when the last of the power faded from the battery the RX went to full throttle.
Anyone know why this happens????? & how to avoid the throttle going wide open.

(apart from the obvious !! Don't let the battery go flat)

Cheers Bruce.