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Posted by Lomcevak | Jul 05, 2006 @ 05:14 PM | 9,992 Views
Like so many others, my first models were dime store gliders and rubber powered models. For my 9th birthday I received an old Holland Hornet .049 and a Baby Ringmaster control line model. I painted it with the leftover Testors paints from my plastic model days and soon discovered why aeromodelling paints needed to be "fuel proof". I enjoyed control line and free flight until I was old enough to work weekends and summers to save enough to buy a used Orbit single stick, 6 channel radio. That radio opened up a whole new world of possibilities even though the servos were mediocre by modern standards and the pots had to be cleaned and lubed to keep performance acceptable. I built a Heathkit radio and flew it for a number of years and retrofitted older equipment with Ace Silver Seven encoders when those were available. Soldering up your own radio was part of the landscape then and years later when Krafts and Prolines were more than you could afford.

I dreamed of some day having my own hobby shop and years later it happened without trying. My best friend gave me half of his shop for Christmas one year for all the work I had done helping expand his business. We had a successful run and slowly morphed from a brick and mortar shop to mail order. The hobby business is a difficult business with long hours and low margins but despite this, we thrived. At the height of it all I was doing vendor relations with many overseas sources, product development and testing on kits and...Continue Reading