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Posted by microflitedude | May 29, 2021 @ 08:31 PM | 31,800 Views
Eflite's Timber line is known for having weak landing gear that is difficult to fix. This is an extreme example and repair.

I bought this from a guy who used it as a trainer and later rammed it into a light pole. This ripped the gear out completely and took a lot of foam with it. He tried to repair it with hot glue but that only made things worse. Don't use hot glue on EPO; it melts the foam and makes a heavy mess.

The main feature is a wood block holding everything together. All three plastic pieces plus a vertical support (paint stick) are screwed into it. It had to be cut and sanded a dozen different ways to fit perfectly.

Four different glues were used here: wood glue, JB weld, foam tac, and white gorilla glue. The gorilla glue worked really well, expanding into a white foam and filling cracks. JB weld went between the x-brace and gear block (gorilla doesn't stick to plastic).

There was no hatch so I cut one from foam board.

So, the gear works like new again, except now it will never break. Everything is back to the original position and you can still use floats. Between a new set of springs and a bottle of gorilla glue I'm in it for around $10. I'm not sure how much weight was added but likely not much. All the beer cooler foam was removed along with the latch assembly, and the new hatch is lighter.

Also did remedial work on the surface hinges, wheels, clevis, stripped bolts, and float arms....Continue Reading
Posted by microflitedude | Apr 07, 2013 @ 02:31 PM | 10,873 Views
Thanks guys.

Posted by microflitedude | Aug 28, 2012 @ 07:42 PM | 12,147 Views
This is my newly acquired Cox .010 cubic inch engine. It swings a 3 inch prop up to 30K RPM.

Here it is sitting on my iPod Touch.
Posted by microflitedude | Jul 12, 2011 @ 02:07 PM | 13,081 Views
I acquired this one in a trade. It's my first Cox .049. It was in mint condition when I received it, but I scratched up the tank while mounting it.
Runs great. I want to fly it, might build one from coroplast, (youtuber "xjet" has a instructional video).

Also posted a picture of all my small engine stuff. I was told the Mcoy wasn't worth anything. I have these finless glow heads, not sure what kind they are.
Posted by microflitedude | Jan 29, 2010 @ 01:35 PM | 15,332 Views
I recently destroyed my Microfighter F-22, and decided to rebuild it.
I picked up one of those Jetfire gliders, and planned to mount the electronics onto it. I sharpied it with a Gee Bee trim scheme. I mounted the electronics onto it, and covered the wing surfaces and vert/horizontal stabs with packing tape to strengthen it. I went out to fly, (there were 5 MPH winds) it was hectic. It got tossed around and chucked back to earth, pulling two of the motor wires from the RX board.
I soldered them back, and tried again. same thing. I changed the motors from an angle, to no angle. the same thing happened 2 more times, but then I came out at sunset, and it flew like a dream - must have been the wind. Climbed steadily, no more throttle problems, and it can turn rather sharply, so it can preform minor aerobatics. Looks great in the air, and glides really well, too. I came in to sharply on a turn and cracked the fuse in half and the wires.
Hot-glued it back together, soldered the wires back, and continued flying until it was too full of glue to do fly anymore. It was a lot of fun, I'll do it again when my other Microfighter loses it's airframe.