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Posted by raipe | Nov 02, 2017 @ 11:38 AM | 7,306 Views

I'm thinking of recording my process of building up a solid model of an aircraft. Due to the sweet scale documents I have, i'm going to deviate a bit from the way that for example Dean (roscoedude) has done in his awesome SW tutorials. That process can be mimicked pretty closely in Inventor too so I'll try and talk about that also on the way and point out the differences. No guarantee though

Here are few pics to get started. Due to school and family stuff, this will be fairly slow process but we'll get there.

Posted by raipe | Jul 22, 2014 @ 07:41 AM | 8,444 Views

I have two SMALL trees around on the field I fly at. Had an emergency landing on my Bixler and guess if I cought one of them... Yes I did Mr. murphy was flying as copilot again

Well all seemed OK and I thought I've still got a lot of juice left so lets go again. Tossed her in the air and the other wing folded... I didn't check that one. Luckily it was the tip just from the outer edge of the aileron. Immediately remembered I had seen a clipped wing Bix in the BIG Bixler thread here on RCG.

Wanted to do something different though so I started looking out for some wing tip information. Bumped in to the Hoerner tip and figured what the heck. Let's give that a go. Apparently in the full size aircraft it help to get a longer effective wing by moving the tip vortices outwards. I'm sure that at our scale the effect won't be as good but well see. There is a nice tutorial on youtube here for a full scale Sonerai wing a guy did here (It's a lengthy video but really good one.): Modified Hoerner Wing tips Part 3 (55 min 5 sec)

From the original 1400mm wing of the Bixler 1.1, I'm now down to 1170mm so I've lost a bit over 9" of the WS. Sadly my vacation ended shorter than it took me to repair the wings so I'm some sanding and painting short of a maiden with these wings. Expecting to get to it by the end of next week. Here are some photos of the progress with image texts explaining what I've tried to do.

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Posted by raipe | Apr 06, 2014 @ 08:45 AM | 7,237 Views
The Finnish aircraft industry (State aircraft factory=VL) was involved in many projects during the war and after. The Patria Oyj infact is more or less a straight decedent of the State aircraft factory.

So, who would have thought that the product that was ordered more than anything else they designed was actually a ski And not the kind used in an airplane either. The main constructor at the VL factory, Edward Wegelius, designed a pair of skis that could be bent in half. There was a hinge in the middle of the ski that was supposedly build using same techniques that they used to construct aircraft's. The hinge was claimed to be the strongest part of the skis. The biggest reason for the development was most probably the fact that these did fit the small spaces in the fighter planes and could prove very useful after ditching a plane behind the lines in winter time. The skis them self were actually manufactured in some of the Finnish ski factories and not in VL factory.

So where is my claim of them being the most successful piece of VL engineering is based on? Supposedly Germany ordered a batch of 24 000 pairs in 1942 and another 30 000 pairs in 1943.

Image source: http://populaari.blogspot.fi/2006/05...lius-1945.html

Posted by raipe | Feb 28, 2014 @ 07:47 AM | 8,167 Views
Here's a start on my 15 year project...

This is an aluminum plug to form sand molds from. There's also the place core in it to make a start hole for the actual machining of the casted cylinder. This is not a fast project as I only get a chance to work on this rarely at work, on my own time of course. Lots of parts still to do so no one hold your breath

Posted by raipe | Feb 27, 2014 @ 01:57 AM | 7,700 Views
Yippie-Kai-Yay, I'm psyched!

The Aviation Museum Society Finland, Finnish Air Force Museum and Finnish Aviation Museum have pronounced that they will be leading a joint venture to build a museum quality example of the only operational Finnish designed/built fighter plane, the VL Myrsky. The plane served in the Finnish air force in the WW2 and all of the examples have more or less been scrapped and/or rotten away due to being left exposed to the elements for decades.

There are few steel frames and other parts still in storage and those are being used in the build. A lot of the parts will have to be remanufactured according to the original drawings and methods. A lot of info already available and more to come in: http://www.vlmyrsky.fi/en/21

ps. If you check the pages in finnish you'll find even more info. Just need to translate it somehow.

Posted by raipe | Oct 11, 2013 @ 04:38 AM | 8,104 Views

I turned the mighty 30 last summer and had one of the coolest gifts given to me ever. I recieved a gift certificate to go and spend an hour with the Messerchmitt Bf-109 simulator in the Aviation Museum of Central Finland. To say the least, I was kind of exited. After a few busy months I finally had the spare time and visited the museum. The simulator is available for public only on Saturdays.

About the Sim: http://www.airforcemuseum.fi/bf_109_simularor

The experience was really nice and the 270 deg. visual really made it near perfect. I tried some basic aerobaticsa and it proved to be far more harder than with my PC and joystick at home. The first roll felt funny and I kept rolling after levelling the wings The wide visual really tricks the brain into thinking that you are in a real motion.

The sim is the IL-2 that I've ben flying a lot some years back and the Bf-109 is not at all unknown aircraft to me in the game. Despite the experience with the sim and the 109 in it, the first takeoff ended on the grass with damaged landing gear etc. And the second was as ugly but managed I to get airborne. I did some manouvers and went for a landing. Broke the prop braking to slow down... Glad I was in the cockpit of a simulator

I'm not sure if the fault is in the sim or in the used projectors but the video quality left a bit room for improvements. All in all I really enjoyed the experience and will go again for sure! There are a few pics I took with my cellphones camera. Low quality plus the room was dark. They do still give an idea of the setup.

Posted by raipe | Aug 06, 2012 @ 11:02 AM | 10,370 Views

I started a build log on an enlarged Stahl Hurricane couple years back. So, after a few years of "hiatus" I started to work on it again. A lot has changed over the time I've been just thinking of the project (as did during the original thread). I guess this won't be a quick build this time either. I'm simply gonna document the progress here from now on. I've got a great start already and will add pics etc later. I also ordered the "powertrain" for it, more on that too later

Original thread: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show....php?t=1004971

Posted by raipe | Apr 05, 2012 @ 11:26 AM | 8,638 Views
One morning I had just gotten to work and saw this plotter abandoned infront of the room where it used to be in. Then after a few guestions etc. I found my self carrying it in to my small hatch back. With a help of a colleague and a shoe horn I did actually manage to bring it home. Some 50 and some elbow grease later, I'm a happy plotter owner The plotter is waiting for its final destination in my father in laws storage.

Sorry for all of the typos but I wrote this with my phone

Posted by raipe | May 06, 2011 @ 02:08 AM | 11,580 Views
Some 3D models I've done on my spare time. Got few others also but I don't wanna give them all up just yet Have to thank roscoedude for a great lesson on 3D modelling.

New pics added***.