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Posted by qban_flyer | Nov 05, 2009 @ 10:29 AM | 34,158 Views
The first two models have been with me for quite sometime. I began to fly electrics in 1997-1998. Radios currently in use are 2 Futaba 8 "Super" in conjunction with Futaba, Hitec and FMA receivers on different channels. The two Futaba 8 "Super" are equipped with synthesized modules covering every channel on the 72 MHz band. After using 2 DX6i radios for a short spell, I have switched to two SPEKTRUM DX7 radios cover the 2.4 GHz band. The DX7 trannys afford me the extra channel I need in some of my models. As of October 2013, I have added a SPEKTRUM DX8 to handle the more sophisticated models I own. While I have switched over to 2.4GHz altogether, I still use the 72 MHz band in some of my models.

More of my fleet's pixs will be posted as time allows me to, I may even post the history behind them in a short narrative.

Maidened the FlyParty's Eagle, (AKA Red Tailed Hawk) April 9 2011. Had I not had Steve hand launch it for me, the Eagle would have met its demise in less than three seconds. More on that below.

Having bought it already assembled and painted from another RCG member, I found a few issues with its design, which I had corrected before taking it to the field for its maiden flight this morning. Flyparty's use of copper for pushrods baffled me to say the least since copper is too maleable to serve as pushrods. I replaced them as well as properly aligning the servo arms in relation to the push-rods, then adjusted everything for
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