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Posted by foamnpacktape | Sep 27, 2008 @ 10:36 PM | 11,124 Views
There is a wondrous mountain slope, it is high, wide, and the face slightly concave to capture the prevailing winds. The wind is strong yet warm, it undulates but never falters, and carries with it fragrant scents of grass, and flowers. Atop the slope is a soft, grassy meadow, to lie on its surface is fine and luxurious. The sun shines high above it, revealing all in its brilliance, but never blinding one's eyes. The sounds of birds, children playing, and the wind blowing through the grass is hypnotizing, it fills one with peace and serenity.

The greatest thing about this particular slope is that we are all born there, coming into existence in its splendor. We frolic with our friends, and play wonderful games that fill us with joy. On the slope we watch the adults and older kids flying their planes. We marvel at how some float along, while others hurry at breakneck speed. We imagine, soon we ourselves will fly our own craft on this awesome slope, rolling, looping, and flying upside down. We don't know it at the time, but for some of us we never will.

Then one day we find it, usually in our mid teens, when we are full of curiosity, and yearn to be popular and cool. It appears somewhat benign, yet inviting, but deep down it is worrisome. At this age though, we can easily put these worries aside and ignore them, we are invincible, the masters of our own destiny.

We are in a secluded cleft on the slope, hidden from our parents view. A place we all like to go to get away,...Continue Reading
Posted by foamnpacktape | Apr 15, 2008 @ 01:44 PM | 12,434 Views
I am 42, married two kids. RC aircraft builder and pilot for over 20 years.

I started with RC cars in early 80's, got bored, and bought my first sailplane (tercell) in about 85. It was built poorly, covered poorly, and never flew. My next plane was an Olympic 100. I learned from my mistakes and after actually reading the instructions, built a plane that I was very proud of. I taught myself to fly with that Olympic, many years have passed but I still remember it fondly.

A neighbor recently found a couple of old kits during cleaning, and offered them to me, to my delight one was an Olympic 650. It has been built, maidened and retired. It now lives in a nice box, complete with my first radio, ready to fly.

I moved on to glow fuel in about 1990. It was almost like learning to fly all over again. I scratchbuilt (no plans) about half a dozen aircraft during the time. Glow was a blast, tons of power, the sights, the sound, even the smell. However, a trip to the field was always a big production and inconvenient. I eventually lost interest and was away from the hobby for a few years while I started my new family.

In the late 90's I built a Spirit glider, and equipped it with a speed 600 electric motor running on nicads. It was heavy and underpowered, but I could walk 20 yards out my back door and be flying. The Spirit eventually transformed into a glow powered trainer which I used as a camera platform (stills). Around this time I pulled my remaining...Continue Reading