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Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 27, 2016 @ 06:27 AM | 7,939 Views
all began with the Radian, a 2 meters (80") electric powered sailplane from horizon hobby. i learned about it when i watched it flying. it impressed me so much that same day i went to the nearest hobby shop that stocked it and purchased 1 and was flying it next day. no gyros nothing.
but then they released the 29" UMX, that has gyros (electronic stabilizer), that makes it fly in some wind as if were a way larger plane.
and i got 1 too for flying at the backyard or nearest park.
then came the Pro, that has ailerons and lower dihedral, for aerobatics. that i dont have 1 because my goal is thermaling.
and now we have the largest 2.6 meters (102") XL that comes with a receiver with gyros, for windier weather. and i have 1 too.
this is just the start. i will keep bringing comments on my personal experience with them, so keep posted and get into the end of this. see ya.
i will start with the impressions i got on each 1, then details and then what i have done to improve it or make my life easier.

#1: the 1st (2 meters):
this is my favorite size, and it thermals easy and is fast to have it ready to fly. handles some wind, climbs to 200 meters in 30 seconds, easiest to put together, and price is great.

#2: the micro:
flies like a big 1, as with the gyros it handles wind very well.
1.-loosing signal: if sometimes a few seconds...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 21, 2016 @ 08:06 AM | 6,610 Views
modifying anything depends of our point of view of things.
there are those who think that 'if it works, dont mess with it', and do fine. and there are the others, the adventurous, who are always looking for something to 'improve'. and frequently get into trouble.
things are not only not improved, but get messy.
but not only there is room for both; it depends of the personality and goals. both are right, even if at opposite ends.
if it were not for those who want to try a new idea, we still would be living in caves. on the other hand, the conservatives make life safer.
so, after all, we need to understand the others point of view and live in harmony.
live and let live!
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 12, 2016 @ 05:47 PM | 6,972 Views
i started a thread and shortly after that, on a moment of lucidity, noticed that it made non sense, so immediately erased it, but later went back and noticed that it has become a subject of the funniest non-sense i ever saw.

so, if you want to laugh out loud as i did, peek in and have a good time.
you may even participate. nobody is going to tell you that you are out of topic.

feeling sick, and with the weather horrible, i havent been able to fly for a long time, but this made me forget all.
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 09, 2016 @ 05:58 AM | 7,543 Views
it is great to have theory as starting point.
but it is worthless if we dont confirm it at the field.
and if we dont provide all the details.
sometimes is better to start with results and then develop the theory to explain it.
but it happens that, even if we have a nice theory that makes sense to us, or if we get some results at the field, some1 will disagree and start a discussion where will not reach an agreement.
and this may happen with fellows that are well known, or that have good education.
why this happens?
as Don Stackhouse said: "the devil is in the details".
problem is, if we dont get together and show our planes and study and analize them and all the details, and do the testing together, at same place and time, it is impossible to have all the details and reach the right conclusions.
i will bring an example where this could be understood:
suppose 2 fellows get an identical plane ready made. as i am into 2 meters sailplane i will suggest the radian, that is an excellent thermal plane and comes with everything, ready to fly. that is, we only need to charge the battery, do the binding, test for range and go. both guys watch each others plane and confirm everything. cg, decalage, whatever. then fly both planes and exchange them so everything looks all right. then 1 of them makes a change like moving the cg. and so on. only 1 change at a time. they are flying the same plane on same weather conditions. then it is possible to reach same conclusions. if this is not done exactly this way, there is the possibility of discrepancies. that is why there are so many discussions that lead nowhere. so it means that 2 or more fellows may be right on what they say: because the devil is in the details.
think about it.