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Posted by ShoGinn | Jul 22, 2011 @ 04:06 PM | 4,450 Views

I have always been a huge proponent of "The Right Tool For The Right Job!"

But in circumstances you end up trying to improvise!

Case-in-point I was working on my new quadcopter, the brushless out runners were a bit sloppy on the shaft. I had a lot of play between the stator assembly and the out runner.
But anyways, the shaft needed to be pushed down into the out runner and I was trying to use my cheap hobby vice; but that caused so much pressure in the whole vise that when the shaft finally gave way... it moved too much causing too tight fitting against the retaining clip.

I thought "this might end up working anyways"

Ran the motors and they got WAY too hot (ran for about 5 minutes) and I just was not happy with my "work"

I went to harbor freight and picked up a 1/2 Arbor Press.

2 minutes after getting it home, the shaft was aligned correctly and EASILY!

Again, amazing what the right tool does for the job!
Posted by ShoGinn | Jul 16, 2011 @ 05:01 PM | 4,921 Views
So I have been growing a bit bored with the hobby for the past couple weeks only because flying DLG has been more work then fun (driving to Denver for competitions etc).

But that drama aside..

My fleet consists today of this:
  • Blaster 3
  • F-27C Stryker
  • Speedo Thermo (Sloper)
  • Gigalo (Old Wood Sloper)
  • HoB 2x6 (E-Converted)
  • GWS Slow Stick

And in Ultra Micro Indoor stuff Which I love!
  • UM T-28 Trojan
  • UM Vapor
  • UM Quaker Oats (Stevens Aero)

Ok so thats my fleet..

As you see not much in diversity, the Ultra Micros are the things that I really enjoy but indoor flying doesnt start up at the Auditorium until September!

Sloping is a challenge because the wind has to be just right for the mediocre slopes within 1 hour of where I live.

The Slow Stick is a great plane, I have it completely stock except for the motor (HiMax geared brushless)

I can run for 30+ Minutes on a battery with no problems!!

The DLG and other Glider have their moments but I need a break from gliders for a bit.



I have been on the lookout for my next airplane.. One that I can have fun, fly anywhere and just enjoy flying! I didnt want a fast plane or something that would take tons of time to build or cost a TON of money...

So I looked at nitroplanes and all the other usual suspects... but I kept coming back to one plane..

I am usually not a fan of foam only because well im a bit more old school..

For the price I couldnt keep away!

I decided to...Continue Reading
Posted by ShoGinn | May 08, 2011 @ 10:32 PM | 4,844 Views
So I have been in the R/C Aviation hobby now since 1989 (10 years old) and I have changed the way I have flown many times. Going from casual just for fun flying to 3d planes to what I do now.. Gliders...

I originally got hooked on sailplanes with DLG's but I figured if 1.5m is great then what about 3 meters! I loved competing in hand launch category… I purchased some second hand old school gliders a Mystery Ship (full house open glider) and a Sig Riser (RES 3meter) but none of them brought me the same thrill that DLG’s did. I thought it was because they were old and inefficient (excuses).

My flying skill is not anywhere near some others that I fly with but I enjoy flying, I have more fun on our indoor nights at the City Auditorium or flying with the Denver guys doing Hand Launch then anything. But I always want more!

After making a huge purchase for a 3 meter RES plane (AVA Pro) I have buyers regret because it disappointed me; not because the plane is poor the plane is spectacular, it signals lift like a plane should and lands slow and on point. But I feel like im going through the motions, it just sucks that a $1300 purchase doesn’t make me want to fly it.

My solution has been to always just sell what I don’t like and it works for me, but when will this cycle end? How has anyone in this hobby said “this is what I like and im sticking to it!”

Its hard to be honest to yourself in this hobby haha.. more planes more fun… I think not.

Posted by ShoGinn | Dec 03, 2010 @ 07:04 PM | 6,137 Views
So I felt that a blog entry was a great way to explain my thoughts on the differences good and bad between the latest 2.4ghz radios.

These are all my opinions I am no way an engineer, nor am I perfect so anything that is negative could just be the fact that I have injected human error!

I have been flying R/C Planes in 1989 when I was 11 years old with my father. We never had tons of money to buy the best equipment, most of it was second hand. We had a great time flying airplanes we built and they always worked! We flew in a club called the Ventura County Comets from 1987-1991. During that time we flew on the slopes above Ventura and the clubs field at Casitas lake, I cannot remember a case when my father or I had an issue with a radio. When we moved from Ojai California to Albuquerque New Mexico in 1991, we went to a new club Albuquerque Road Runners and flew out at Maloof Model Airfield. Personally I flew out of there from 1991 until ~1994 (turned 15 and started doing car stuff real and R/C) and I remember the only time we had issues was when someone would turn on the same channel TX.

I was out of the hobby from 1995 until late 2008 so it was a long stint I was out. By this time I had joined the Military (USAF) and was living in Florida and was working crazy hours so flying at a club or a field by any means wasnt going to happen.

I picked up my first R/C ever with 2.4 which was a Blade CX2, I of course had no idea what I was getting into, #1 it was a...Continue Reading
Posted by ShoGinn | Apr 23, 2010 @ 06:57 PM | 6,076 Views
Well, after a hard landing a wheel on my 51" AJ Slick gave out

So instead of replacing them with a stock wheel I decided to look at some options. The Kavan wheel has always been a popular wheel for the Giant Scale guys and seems to have been a hit in their smaller wheels to.
The research I did showed that the regular Kavan wheels (non deluxe) with the gray hubs were not as strong as the Deluxe wheels (chrome hub). Not only that the tread pattern was a bit different. The part number is KAV-0099 for the deluxe wheels.

The new Kavan's are a not much different in size but the hub is smaller in diameter.

...Continue Reading