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I have a yellow 80 inch wingspan DHC-1 that has been in a crash, i need some parts, anyone know where spare parts can be bought in the United States? It was bought brom Gator RC in Florida but they have zero parts.
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Flight Ready........Markings and livery from Callie Graphics next week
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Also requested was the Horten 229 video. This was the 2nd flite of the model. Its still flying.

Borinquen rc club (3 min 45 sec)

Borinquen rc club (0 min 57 sec)
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Was asked to create a blog with the A6M2 Zero video only. Here it is:

Zero DLE 55cc (1 min 41 sec)

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picked up a sport cub s2, umx whipit, and a blade nano s2.

older son is starting to get into rc, which is fun. got him an associated sc28.

got the rona. i got better.

resumed fullscale flying with my older son after a break, explored some local grass fields. many adventures in 70 year old brake system maintenance. paid off my plane, exited the 182 club. maybe i can start taking the younger one flying next year.
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Get One Here: XK A160 J3 Skylark Cub RTF

XK A160 J3 Skylark Cub 3D/6G System 650mm Wingspan RTF - Wing Cuff MOD Test Flight - Tip Stall Fix?

RadioMaster TX16S Transmitter

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

Spare Parts (I believe the Parts for the XK A430 Edge will work with this Plane as per discussions on Banggood)

XK A430 2.4G 5CH RC Airplane Spare Part 7090 7x9 Propeller

Tip on Balancing Props when you can't use a standard Prop Balancer:

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See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC Glue & Fly Series Scratch-Build Planes

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Hawker Tempest Mk-1 Foamie

Pleasant surprise this morning. I'd estimated the AUW to be 40 oz...I was wrong....Measured AUW is 34 oz...

Ran the prop calcs:

Wing loading is 18 oz.sq ft
Max level flight speed is 77 mph with a 9x6 APC E
Stall is 21 mph (She'll be a bit hot for landing)
Static Thrust is 48 oz (1.4:1.0 T/W) Should be an easy hand launch
Max watts is 322 W (151 W/lb)

I'm feeling pretty good about this build

weight of the hardware and components is 19 oz......
so the papered and painted airframe only weighs 15 oz....
I'd estimated 20-24.....that tells me that the hollow body design actually worked.....
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Being as a manufacturer, reduce the cost to make our clients spend less but get good stuff is the continuous effort we need to make.

Forget about cheaper materials, just focus on technological solution to the cost saving.

As we know, a receiver needs RX CPU x1.
If you need a stabilizer more safe, a stablizer needs CPU x1.
If you need telemetry function, a barometer needs CPU x1.
After all, you spent money on these three items with CPU x3, and some uncertainty about compatibility.

Here we got the SR86A-G receiver, being integrated with control RX, stablizer, telemetry barometers in CPU x1, you will just spend less and have it all in one.

Integration and technological optimization is the key to less cost and the best compatibility.

More info:
SR86A-G receiver:

DT9 with SR86A-G RX:
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XK A430 flies level (3 min 35 sec)

From last flight , one turn on the clevis down elevator .

It flies level ..

35% Rates and 60% Expo on the ailerons = Still very sensitive ! ( 3D ) Rolls nice .
I have Jacked the expo to 75% and left the rates alone .
Elevator - from 30% expo to 50% expo .

Those ailerons in 3D are just so sensitive .

Flies really nice in 6G , and if you get into 3D trouble , just flick the switch for 6G safety .
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Over the summer I picked up the PA Ultimate AMR to go with my 60 size one. It's sitting in the corner waiting for me. For Christmas, I ordered the new Flex Mamba 10 G2 for my wife to give me . It might not arrive by Christmas, but eh. It only takes an hour to assemble anyhow. A very rare find showed up on the local FB Marketplace, so I bought a well built, never flown EF Turbo Raven that needed servos to complete it. Luckily I found some nice Promodeler 160s on the classified here. And then today a friend called me to see if I wanted to buy his PA Mini Katana and Addiction for a very good price. Good enough that I don't care that I already have the same color Addiction. I haven't started working on anything yet. I'm planning on starting closer to the holidays. With 2 repairs I need to do on other planes, I should be busy for a few months. I better start saving up in case the build season gets extended again.
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This is my Second Flight With Updated CG On The E-flite EC-1500 Twin 1.5m BNF Basic Cargo Plane.

Second Flight With Updated CG On The E-flite EC-1500 Twin 1.5m BNF Basic Cargo Plane (6 min 24 sec)

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Minimum R/C F8F Rarebear Bearcat

Available direct from Minimum R/C ( or via

Span 360 MM (about 14 1/8)
Weight, with 1 cell (200 MaH) lipo is 33 gm/1.25 oz.

Flight times are short (about 2 minutes), but very spirited. This little beastie is fast and highly maneuverable loops, rolls, etc. are easy and quick, whilst the model isnt hard to land. There is no landing gear.

This is a simple kit, not an ARF. Parts are a stiff foam with LASER-cut control horns, servo mounts, etc. I used Foam-Cure and clear Gorilla glue when building it; CA is not recommended.

Building instructions (in English) are available via the Minimum RC website (

The kit comes in several levels, starting with just the airframe and motor at about $16. Next level adds the servos, and the full kit adds a 250 MaH lipo, tool kit, receiver and transmitter at about $95.

If you dont get the full kit, you will need a receiver. Minimum offers one, compatible with Flysky, Frsky, Spektrum DSM2, or S-fhss, for about $15. Their receiver includes a brushed ESC, and runs about $15.

Some MAJOR notes!

1. The receiver and servos come complete with all SERVO connectors, however there is a small charge for having the motor and ESC plugs installed by Minimum. After battling with those tiny connectors on the first receiver I bought, I found it absolutely worth paying...Continue Reading
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This A6M2 Zero is an ESM 88" kit. It was built some 10 years ago and is still in excellent conditions and flies often. The ESM kit is no longer available. ESM is no longer distributed in the US or been produced. Spare parts are very hard to find if at all. So fly them with very much care.

The A6M2 Zero is powered by a 55 DLE rear exhaust gas engine with a 22X10 prop. Ignition is powered by a LIFE 2S 2K mah. An air dam with a radial engine was installed in order to divert air flow to the cylinder head as well as to cool the ignition. The Zero is very fast with the DLE 55 RE. Its normal cruising speed its with a throttle input of 1/3 throttle. Tis throttle position provides for very scale flights. At high throttle, the model has an excellent vertical performance.

The A6M2 Zero It is controlled by my faithful Futaba C nine channel in MHz frequency. It has 2 LIFE 2S 3Kmah batteries for main and B/U connected to the receiver thru a battery back up by RAM. The model has installed a total of 11 servos.; 2 servos Ailerons, 1 very high torque servo for elevator, 1 servo Throttle, 1 high torque servo Rudder, 1 servo for tail wheel steering, 2 servos Flaps, 1 servo retracts main, 1 high torque retract servo for tail wheel, 1 mini servo tail wheel cover.

The main gear retracts are Sierra and tail wheel uses a mechanical retract. The air system is redundant with two bottles and one way controller in the event one tank bleeds the other does not lose the pressure too.
A...Continue Reading
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Gals & Guys,

This basic concept of EDF power and especially attempting to fly this model reminded me WHY-O-WHY I have never got into the Grove on these EDF's!

The STOCK 5-Blade fan unit and coupled with a capable 4-Cell, 4,000mAH, 35C discharge Lithium Polymer battery pack is what I found to make this model take-off from Ground.

This is by far, not my first EDF powered foam model! I still have the STARMAX SWISS TIGER F5-E that I purchased from Hobby Express (Formerly Hobby Lobby). The Swiss Tiger has mechanical Retracts and almost 51-inch long FUSE, much larger than this HABU-2 and flys with 4-Cells, 2200mAH packs! It is not fast by any stretch but, provides a very scale flight manners as it is perhaps one solid pound less!

In my First Take-Off attempt, I used an older 4-Cell, 3,300mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer (Fully Charged to 16.8 Volts) and the model was just not coming UP to speed (on step) for a reliable and confident Rotation for Take-Off so, the following Video at the few minutes will show my three (3) failed attempts.

On the same Video you will see the successful Take-Off using the newer 4-Cell, 4,000mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer pack as it gave the model enough Speed for a good rotation and the model took-off with enough authority. Yes, once the model was airborne it does fly very nicely and pretty forgiving considering the 3 1/2 pounds fully flight ready!


Before the flight, I observed that the Rudder Servo was not moving at...Continue Reading
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Brent absolutely SHREDDING IT over Rabbit Dry Lake recently with his STUNNING VQ F8F Bearcat !
VQ Warbirds F8F Bearcat with EME 70cc Twin Gas Engine at Rabbit Dry Lake (10 min 51 sec)

This fantastic flying model is powered by an EME 70cc Twin Gas Engine and is dressed up in the colors of Blue Angels #3, in honor of Lt Alfred "Al" Taddeo, who was the last of the original Blue Angels to pass away...he passed in 2013...

Please enjoy this awesome tribute and flight display by a truly gifted RC modeler and pilot !

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Hawker Tempest Mk-1 foamie

Getting closer......balance seems to be good....a bit of touch up, some trim work, decals, push rods etc..adding two drop tanks to protect the aileron servo arms since she's a belly be honest, she turned out better than I expected....we'll see how that KFm 3 (50%-25%) airfoil works....that's a 9x4 Xoar electric just for show.....probably put a 9x6 APC E for the maiden...but it's gonna have to warm up first.........