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Posted by drfish | Aug 23, 2008 @ 01:00 AM | 5,983 Views
Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I am not a real fan of foam planes, but it seems we all need to have one or two... and, I have been dying to try something with a design I had seen.

The Ferret is a flat-plate tractor powered flying wing design by one of the pilots at my local field (JasonJones here on the groups). I decided I wanted to try to put one together to fly on 2s A123-1100 cells.

Mine is powered by an ARC 20-34-130, a 4600kv inrunner, with the 2s A123, CC Thunderbird 18 spinning an APC 4.75x4.75 prop.

Control is provided by a Spektrum AR6000 and 2 Futaba S3108 9g servos.

All Up Weight is 305 gr (10 3/4 oz)

Flys well - I initially had this plane set up with a 7x4.25 prop, and it flew well, but was drawing way way WAY too much current - I estimate it hit near 30 amp spikes as my flying time was about 4 min and that was NOT at WOT!

After changing to the 4.75x4.75, my initial launch was a disaster - the big 7 inch prop had practically lifted the plane out of my hand, and I dont think I was ready for needing to give a little toss.. so it spiraled into the ground, bending the motor shaft.

Luckily I had a spare motor (I have a spare shaft too, but didnt have the time to pull the motor apart right now) so I swapped the motor, and have since taken back out and with a slight toss she flys well. This plane wasnt really built for thrust (the 7" gave unlimited veritcal.. well as unlimited as I could hold a rudderless plane in!) but more for a little bit of speed.

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