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Posted by scousethief | May 18, 2019 @ 07:25 AM | 5,040 Views

Reminds of one of my favourite Jets

This 787mm Wingspan Skyhunter Racing is a special updated version for racing, also it is the smallest and most portable edition of the legendary Skyhunter FPV airframe series, the twin-boom tail wing design makes it fly super stable and agile, the EPP molded wing and fuselage reinforced by carbon fiber tube and rod is light in weight but solid and strong in structure, the new crash absorption system will save the plane even in a hard crash. You can take it anytime to any place and fly in anywhere because of its compact size and highly integrated power system.

Crash resistance EPP material, easy to repair even in hard crash.
New Crash Absorption system, main wing will detach automatically in a crash, thus to protect the it from breaking.
Traditional twin-boom tail design makes it fly super stable and agile
Racing style flag decal, with different color and numbers for racing competition.
Designed for FPV Racing, agile and stable flying ability even in small area like park / underground parking garage
Small portable size for easy carry and take to anywhere
Easy to assemble in just few minutes by screw and glue
Multiple camera mount for different FPV / HD camera in the market
Super big room inside fuselage for more FPV gear and big battery
Easy to hand-launch by yourself without any help
Work with the same motor / ESC / prop / camera from racing quads, exchangeable...Continue Reading
Posted by scousethief | May 12, 2019 @ 11:33 AM | 5,313 Views LINK

Without doubt this is the best entry level AP quad I have tested.!
After flying....
Bloody hell, I need to eat some hat here lol This thing is tons of fun ! it even beats my favourite Bugs B2. Testing the camera and RTH features today the quad landed within inches of its launch position consistently ! even when a low power RTH was initialised ( because i was enjoying myself ) the 906 landed inches away from were it took off. Honestly im gobsmacked literally lost for words.

I havent edited the video, no cuts no smoothing, cropping etc for no other reason than so you could can view it in its raw format and make your own mind up . There is some pixelation but that could be my phone or the WiFi connection or some other factor but i will get the Samsung S8 back tomorrow and will take more video as i test the 906 in a more enclosed environment that has a lot of WiFi noise from various houses and their devices. Now that i know the RTH and other GPS features work PERFECTLY i am more secure in the knowledge that should something go wrong the 906 will RTH exactly were it should.

ZLRC SG906 Beast 4K Dual GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone Optical Flow Positioning RTF (9 min 49 sec)

The ZLRC is a Mavic "style" folding quadcopter that boasts high end features at a budget price. The 906 feature list comprises of altitude hold, orbit, way points, follow me and full gesture control coupled with Optical flow for precise position hold...Continue Reading