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Posted by dgfinch | Oct 06, 2013 @ 07:50 AM | 5,715 Views
Inspired by Doctor Mike Perpal's OV-10, I decided to build an OV-10. There are several short kits available, notably a 47" version by ParkFlyer Plastics http://tinyurl.com/mm6ys45, and a 52" version by Rich Uravitch http://tinyurl.com/n9pz95v. The Uravitch version is the one that Doctor Mike built and has successfully flown. That is the one I will be tackling. According to both Doctor Mike and Rich Uravitch, the 52 1/2" version should be built with a wing extension that effectively lowers wing loading. It is a simple addition and the short kit includes two extra ribs for this accommodation. The wing spars need to be extended beyond the plans to do this.

I thought I would blog the build here in the forum for anyone who might be interested.

Construction notes.

There are sheets of balsa into which the wing spars are cut. Remove each of the ribs and clear the holes in the middle of the spars. W-X is a former placed on the front of the nacelle sub-assembly and is found on a sheet of plywood. Find three " dowels in a small parts bag. The longer of the three is for the middle of the wing. The two smaller dowels are for each of the nacelle bays.

There are three wing spars which form the foundation of the wing. The " square spruce wing spars provided are not long enough to form the wing span and must be spliced and epoxied. These splices will be located between wing ribs on either side of the centerline of the wing so as to insure that the spar...Continue Reading