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Yay! I got arsed! Also got some really decent footage from the get-go.

HBX Devastator + FS Racing Victory X mucking about (4 min 35 sec)

Posted by phyngineer | Oct 12, 2019 @ 03:43 AM | 2,659 Views
Aerial photography, inspection, logistics, plant protection, surveying, security and other applications in the field of UAV industry, the line of sight remote control, image real-time cloud processing, high-definition video stream back to the ability to put forward higher requirements. As the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology, 5G is also the best communication technology for building digital sky. What changes will it bring to the drone industry?
Compared with 4G, 5G has obvious advantages in the communication coverage of networked UAVs. The new large-scale antenna array adopted by 5G can flexibly and automatically adjust the phase of the transmitted signals of each antenna to meet the regulatory requirements for low-altitude airspace within 500 meters. And the future flight demand of more than 120 meters of drones in the city's high-rise environment. In addition, 5G also has more advantages in remote fine control of drones, flight data security, and industry empowerment.
Networked drones to promote efficient low-altitude economy
Recently, the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professionally applied the “5G UAV+Programming Operation” pilot in China for the first time. It also marks that the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professional is the first in China to realize “5G UAV+Programming Operation”. ".
Compared with the traditional air duty mode, the 110 kV line operation requires two on-duty personnel...Continue Reading
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"I'm happy to let you know that the Vintage Radio Control Society Technical Committee has selected you as the 2019 winner of the Dr. Walter Good Technical Achievement award for your work in vintage radio conversions. "

Mike Desest
President, Vintage Radio Control Society

And my response...


I was totally surprised and blown away by the award! I didn't think anyone really paid attention to my ramblings on the internet

My family is out of town this week and my dog doesn't take good photos so I'll have to get back to you on that. I'll try to get help this week but next week for sure.

I should put a little background in my RCG blog. If you are interested, I started building models around 5. Here is my first Control Line model in 1973. I was 10. Its a Baby Ringmaster. My Dad made me do it all myself. My first RC model was an Airtronics S-Tee. Here it is in 1978 after my first 'crash'. You can see the Royal serves askew. And to finish the embarrassment, here is my first truly successful RC model in the summer of 1982. It was a Carl Goldberg Eaglet with my original Royal Radio. Its interesting to note that Royal was my first conversion. I flew it this year at Torrey Pines for the Katie Martin Tribute.

I fulfilled the requirements for an AS degree in Electronics while attending Community College and High School at the same time. I put myself thru College earning a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering. My graduate studies were in Mechanical Engineering. I'm a Lifetime AMA member, EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor. I hold an FAA Repairman's Certificate and am a Current Flight Instructor. I've also included a photo of my 'full size' models. A Kitfox and scratch built wooden Biplane. Both are current and airworthy.

Please thank the Committee for me. It truly is an honor.

Scott Todd
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95mm Rudder Set
DTBP01001A: Silver
DTBP01001B: Blue
Mount Size: 60x43mm
Nose: 4mm
Servo Link Nut: 2mm (Inner Dia)
Wholesale Price please PM or contact me at: [email protected]
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I have been machining mounts for about 8 years now and will continue. There has been a change so the mounts will only be available on fridays so put the orders in during the week and I will do my best to get them out on the same week otherwise it will be the next Friday .
Thanks again for the orders
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Cherokee international ni-x-acpwr pinout
Posted by old4570 | Oct 11, 2019 @ 05:44 PM | 1,483 Views
Sorry - re upping as Utube ruined the video ..
Re - encoded with handbreak - Hopefully Utube wont ruin it ?

HobbyKing Micro SU27 (8 min 4 sec)

I woke up 6.30am and looked out the window ..

I was encouraged by what I saw = Nothing ! Not a puff of air !
Got dressed and walked to the Park / Football field ..

6 axis flight control was OFF ! ( No stability control )
Rates are still 50% with no expo .
Seriously , this flight was with like 5mm to 10mm of stick throw = IF THAT !
The micro SU27 is super responsive , and it is also so - WAY Stable .. ( I have that forward CG with the 300mAh Nanotech 2s )
Rates could come down or a decent chunk of expo added .

But the flying conditions were perfect ( No wind / no breeze / nothing )

Seriously , with maybe 25% rates and maybe 25% expo , this could be a NOOB plane when there is no wind .
All of that flight is maybe 50% throttle , around half way I cut the throttle back more .

That battery plug takes a beating on landing , can't be helped .

I know you guys don't like watching video , but if you are interested in this Micro SU27 , you want to watch the video ..

Posted by TMacFPV | Oct 11, 2019 @ 04:01 PM | 1,338 Views
Are you Drone Nation? Aren’t we all? We may live in different parts of the world and have some differences of opinion but we all have this amazing FPV hobby in common.

In this video below, I introduce you to the Drone Nation App which helps to bring us all together. It allows you to, among other things, search for some folks to fly with around your local area (or any other area you type into its search parameters)! Basically, it helps you answer the question, “Isn’t there anyone around here to fly with?”

Celebrate FPV!

Posted by fastmax | Oct 11, 2019 @ 03:46 PM | 1,522 Views
I was looking for an RC boat with a scale appearance that was both inexpensive, relatively slow, and easy to drive for the youngens when they come over to visit. The Flytec V001 RTR caught my eye, and so far it seems like it's just about perfect for what I wanted it for. It looks fantastic, and should look very realistic when running once I find a suitable driver figure. It could stand to be a little bit faster, but it'll probably be just right for inexperienced visitors, and my grandson as soon as he's old enough to start playing with RC models.

The boat does not have a servo for steering, instead it uses differential thrust to make left and right turns. When you steer one motor slows down, and the other motor speeds up to move the boat in your chosen direction. Because of this there is some speed lost when making turns, but it makes it very easy for kids to control the boat. All in all I'm pretty impressed with the boat, especially considering its cost of less than $40 shipped.

Here are a few pics of the boat. I will get some running video posted shortly. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and happy sailing!
Posted by VicT | Oct 11, 2019 @ 02:11 PM | 1,313 Views
When I first got my Timber I liked the articulated/hinged main landing gear with springs. I thought it would hold up to true dropped in hard landings and it did for about 20 landings. Then problems started to show up. Spring stretch, then spring limiter failure then splitting of the seam where the plastic landing gear mounts are located.

I called Horizon fixed wing technical and they gave me free landing gear and springs (when they were in stock). I installed the new parts and the same problems would re occur. This did not happen at the 2 clubs that I belong to that have hard runways. However I quickly learned that the Timber is a great trainer if the student and instructor can avoid nose overs and prop strikes. (I’ve been flying RC since 1965 and RC instructing since 1996 when I retired as a military C-130 instructor pilot)

I changed my landing style from STOL type touchdowns to conventional round out/flare type touchdowns and this helped but when landing in grass the added drag on the big wheels caused momentum problems where the Timber would nose over and the windmilling prop would strike the grass/ground. This did not help beginners learning the Timber and I ended up fixing many Timber landing gear problems until I switched to the Valiant 1.3 landing gear. It changed the looks but kept the Timber operational much longer than the stock articulated gear design. Here is how I tried to fix the articulated design problems.

I wanted to fix the design problem of the...Continue Reading
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So for winter I got myself a HBX Devastator and the cheapest camera and receiver for FPV:ing, so I guess there will be a lot of indoor driving. Also got an idea on how to give the Victory X an upper-deck plate for mounting stuff. Might turn out very sweet.

Other plans for winter is what I guess most people do; maintenance. I need to fiddle with my diffs and shocks a bit. Maybe even see if I can fix that stupid center diff I got.
Posted by phyngineer | Oct 11, 2019 @ 05:26 AM | 1,197 Views
Benoit Gillow, project director of French drone company Artelia, said that Chinese-made drones are "an incredible story in modern technology." At the AirWorks conference in Los Angeles, Gillello recalled how his team used three Chinese-made drones to capture the scene after the fire in Notre Dame. The rescue incident was just one of many stories about Chinese drones.
The AirWorks Conference is an annual gathering of technical experts sponsored by China UAV Corporation. This year's annual conference sponsored by DJI Company attracted 700 participants and organized seminars spanning five core areas of agriculture, construction, energy, infrastructure, and public safety.
The (global) drone market is transforming into an ecosystem, with DJI being at the center. According to statistics from UAV analysis company Skylogic Research, the Chinese drone manufacturer accounts for more than 70% of the global civilian drone market. China's drones are becoming a platform: hundreds of startups and end-users with specific needs apply drone technology to their own industries. Experts say they are getting more and more valuable, and now they are helping many companies reduce costs and even save lives.
However, in the field of industrial drones, China's industrial drone manufacturer MMC continues to be deeply involved in the application of the drone industry and is in a leading position. The various types of drones developed and produced by the company can be used not only in...Continue Reading
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Introducing Mapird: professional VTOL fixed-wing for mapping and survey (7 min 37 sec)

YANGDA Mapird is a professional VTOL(vertical take-off and landing) fixed-wing drone for mapping, aerial survey, and inspection mission. It comes with two tilting motors and two lift motors, which will allow the mapping drone to ascend like a helicopter. For the airplane survey mission, the front two tilting rotors will transition to forward mode and make the drone fly like a fixed-wing plane.

Rugged airframe
We reinforce the two wings of Mapird VTOL drone using 3K carbon fiber. Therefore, the frame structure is greatly strengthened.

Fast deploy
Due to its modular airframe design, Mapird mapping VTOL can be set up in less than 5 minutes by a single man.

Long endurance
Equipped with one 200 grams mapping camera, one unit 6S 22000mAh battery, the Mapird survey drone can fly up to 1.5 hours and complete an 8 square kilometer area mapping job in a single flight.

Big inner space for payload
Mapird mapping drone comes with a big internal space to accommodate various mapping cameras and payload, like SONY A7R/A6000/A5100 camera and oblique camera.

No piloting skills needed
Mapird can conduct fully autonomous mapping and survey missions without human interaction.
Posted by Hobby Details | Oct 10, 2019 @ 08:32 PM | 1,022 Views
Lately Hotsale Items:1/10 RC Control LED Light Set
for 1/10 1/8HSP TAMIYA CC01 SCX10
Wholesale Price please PM or contact me at: [email protected]
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This plane was built and flown in 2006 and 2007. Last time out it had a hard landing and broke the nosegear bulkhead, broke the right main landing gear wood blocks, and broke the right wingtip. I hung it up in my workshop and there it has hung for 12 years.

I recently decided to get it going again. I repaired the nosegear bulkhead and cut away the crushed wingtip and replaced it and recovered it.

The engine was spotless inside and only needed some fresh oil.

I replaced the old FM radio with a newer 2.4 gHz version.
...Continue Reading
Posted by SmokeNGun | Oct 10, 2019 @ 02:35 PM | 963 Views
At the top of the rack is the V4 Super Viper
Second shelf is the v2 8s viper that I am currently flying
Third shelf is the v3 turbine. I need a engine and a few other things before I can fly it and work on my turbine waiver.
But am in no big rush to get there got a good deal on the airframe I couldn't pass up.

Bottom shelf is another v2 super viper. This is the one that I will be doing a make over on.
Posted by SmokeNGun | Oct 10, 2019 @ 02:28 PM | 1,008 Views
I purchase this v2 HSD Super Viper for $40. It's a 8s all stock except the previous owner added E-Brakes. Everything works but haven't tested the brakes.

The fuselage needs a lot of work and that's going to take up most of my time getting it ready for paint.
The main wings and tail section are in much better condition. I feel that the foam on the aileron and flaps are to thin. So was thinking of adding thin layers of balsa to stiffen them up. Or perhaps fiberglassing them and perhaps the fuselage as well. I've never fiberglas a model before so not sure if I should go that route.

I may not be working on it every day. But hope to have it finish by summer of 2020 if all goes well.

All servo's work but think I will replace them as they seem to be the original, and no telling when they may go bad.

Replacing the noser gear with V3/ V4 nose gear.
Replacing nose gear compartment plastic mounting
Replacing E-Brakes

Upgrading power system to 12s. I have a 12s stock setup or may go with a JetFan 110 still thinking about it.

Will add air ducting to the side of the fuselage and close of the bottom section.

Am open to all suggestions and positive comments:
A look at the Fuselage:...Continue Reading
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Wltoys 12402 A 4WD 112 2 4G RC Car Dessert Baja Vehicle Models High Speed 45kmh (1 min 40 sec)

You do have to love the Google Translate description

1. Four-wheel independent suspension system; high-performance suspension; adjustable trolley design for the whole vehicle;

2. The 550 high-power drive motor is more powerful, and the speed can reach 45KM/H, which is faster than the same type of car;

3. High-performance natural rubber tires ensure that the remote control car has better grip performance on the road surface;

4. The sealed gear box and the electronic board with waterproof and dustproof function can drive as usual even in dusty or watery roads;

5. Full-vehicle high-speed ball bearing and steel drive shaft greatly enhance the service life of the remote control car.

6. The remote control is beautiful in appearance and generous; the remote control has forward acceleration, braking, reverse deceleration, and steering and throttle size adjustment functions;

7. Anti-explosive PVC color printing car shell, beautiful and resistant to collision.

Package included:
1*RC Car
1*Rechargeable battery(built-in)

...Continue Reading