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Posted by v22chap | Jan 23, 2010 @ 06:09 PM | 29,052 Views
Here is the proof of concept for the NASA puffin .
Posted by v22chap | Jan 16, 2010 @ 01:46 PM | 27,460 Views
Here are a few gyros that I tested for use on VTOL's
#1 ACT Europe heading hold gyro for airplanes
#2Futaba 240
#3 Futaba 401
#4Revolution PZ 200
#5 Spartan 360

Notice the futabas don't move to far back and forth,, and are sensitve (jerk around a lot )

The ACT don't move as much as the pz 200 (and this might be due to the fact ,,it can learn the atv limits and I might have it limited right now on one side )but it is smooth through the range and follows good and is the one I have used on my V-22 so far

The spartan surprised me as it did pretty good .... good range and smooth ,but lagged some trying to following my hand .

But all in all I think the pz 200 had the biggest arc of movement and followed my hand movement the best . Which is what you need to control VTOL's with vanes and motor contorls that lag and need a lot of control movement to over come the movement that the bird is doing .

Link to video page post to veiw the vids.

Hope this helps you VTOL guys some .