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Posted by Justapoke | Nov 21, 2014 @ 07:46 PM | 18,220 Views
Here's some pics of my Magnum, build it 2 weeks ago and had some fun flying it indoor and outdoor. Loads of fun to fly! Have not had the time to try the floats on water but hope to find a nice spot to test that soon. Maybe we get some snow this year for even more joy..

I've bought a white kit from a local that cut it, quality is very good. ESC is glued inside the EPP of the fuselage, reciever and servo's above wing, used thin velcro for floats.


Motor: SunnySky X2204 KV1480
ESC: Hobbywing FlyFun 12A
Servo's: HXT500 or TowerPro SG50 0.8kg 5g
5Channel Hitec Minima Comp. micro reciever


Kit before build and paint: 85 gram
Floats before build and paint: 21 gram = 106 total

After build and paint: 152 gram

AUW - about 184 gram (incl. 32gram 500mAh 2S) 212 gram incl floats

I am flying mine with the CoG on 80 mm from the...Continue Reading