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Posted by PeterVRC | Oct 22, 2019 @ 08:04 AM | 2,806 Views
Prusa Slicer, as its name suggests(!), is a 3D printing SLICER program.
I have used Simplify3D for a long time now, but read a bit about SLIC3R and how Pruse Slicer is based off that - but made even BETTER in many way!! So I gave it a try !!
So many features that Simplify3D does NOT have ! Important things!
It is even more intuitive and easier to use really!

So unless I find some REASON to NOT use it, this will be the Slicer of choice to use from now on !!
If you have not tried it, or use it now, then go to Prusa and GET IT !!
It is FREE........ so no excuse to not get it, and to not use it !
Posted by PeterVRC | Oct 22, 2019 @ 07:51 AM | 2,846 Views
Seeing my 3D printed Tiger 1 tank is a BIG project and going to take a LONG time, I decided to BUY a tank.....
Hmmm, which tank?.....
If I am building a Tiger 1 then maybe a King Tiger? Or something else?
And what brand, and how much to spend.

How much to spend? The LEAST - that will get something actually good and WORTH having!
That mean HENG LONG brand.... and it does cover BOTH of those requirements! Cheap, and good !!

I had actually looked at these MANY times over the last years, thinking to get one but I THOUGHT that it might not be importable to Australia as it has an AIRSOFT gun in it! But I guess Airsoft 'guns' are only controlled here when they ARE GUNS - when they look like real guns and rifles.

Hmmm.... if I get a Tiger 1 then I will have a scale model to work off for the bigger one! And I like Tiger 1

It was the second cheapest. AUD$230. Versus a Panther at $200 - but the Panther is a BAD scale model, as it uses the Tiger 1 BASE.... which the full scale version was actually built from to some degree, but Heng Long used ALL of the Tiger 1 base and it ends up notably incorrect thanks to that! Thus the Tiger 1 was chosen....

When I got the tank I was AMAZED!!!
I had watched videos, and read reviews etc, but when I got it I found that it WAS all that great stuff they said and MORE when in person! They pretty well 'do' everything' you would want/expect, and VERY WELL too! With super detail and finish, quality etc.
And it is FUN to use too!!
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Posted by PeterVRC | Oct 15, 2019 @ 06:14 PM | 2,018 Views
I was making a "robot car".....
Then saw a tracked "robot car"......
Then fluked a link to a 3D Printed Tiger 1 tank..... which led to another link of a much bigger 3D Printed Tiger 1 tank.....
By then I was thinking a big Tank might be a lot more fun! With more room in it to add anything I want, plus that is was going to be a 'robot' autonomous vehicle - but now it is going to be a mix of RC and Arduino/autonomous.....

I could sort of see it would be a fairly big project, but it is growing bigger and bigger - in work/time/effort, not size.
So this could be a very long project to complete!!

This specific Tiger 1 Tank version is originally made by Adam Owen, who made it as a PC case(!)... a whole high power gaming PC inside the tank!
A driveable PC Tiger 1 Tank !

But during investigations and testing of some parts of it I found a LOT needs modifying and improving, so whilst it is based off that tank it will actually be quite different - in construction, the stuff inside (no PC etc)......

Mine will also have a major addition of great importance! SUSPENSION ! I am still designing aspects of that, working out whether it will use Springs or Torsion bars.
It will also have Ball Race bearings for all wheels etc.
The motor drive system will likely be Nema17 Stepper motors, not normal motors running through gearboxes. Though they will still have one gearing stage of the motor Pinion to a larger Drive Gear.

Adam's tank is more of a BASE to build upon - so lots of it will be of great use, though more will be changed (improved) than kept as he designed it!
I have begun the project but who knows how long it will take!!
Posted by PeterVRC | Oct 01, 2019 @ 02:09 AM | 1,709 Views
I have pondered this idea for a LONG time - many years - but whilst it probably was doable long ago, I didn't have the 'tools' to do it myself. But now with all the Arduino stuff I have looked into and learnt, it became a 'light bulb moment' when some pondering had all the main questions ANSWERED this time!
eg HOW to make it.... Sense it.... Utilise the data....

Well the theory of it anyway..... and the "theoretical physical construction" aspect, lol.
But I am pretty sue it will all work as planned......

The very first difficulty was always "HOW to sense the AoA.... what sensor can be moved by a very small airflow strength"
For an RC Model the "Vane" will be small and whilst if moving freely it will track the airflow easily and accurately, the problem is if it needs to DRIVE something, a sensor, then it will be impeded too much to work.
Hall Effect was the answer to that problem!! It has ZERO contact or impedance!

Once that solution was 'discovered' the rest is very straight forwards!
Most will be 3D Printed..... with a 2mm metal pivot rod used.... running in a ball bearing race, to have a 'zero' level of friction at all.
And of course that Rotational Data is fed into an Arduino to "Utilise as you desire". Such as drive LEF's or Flaps ('Combat' Flap type use), or produce High Alpha control signals.
There are quite a few good uses for such AoA data! Some even quite greater detail processes that tie in with driving a Flight Controller to complete a complex task. (eg HobbyEagle A3super etc)

AoA data just has a HEAP of uses!!

Between that, and having Airspeed Data, you have enough data t form an "Air Data Computer".
Mind you, my programming/maths level will limit how detailed/complex that could be made (by me)!! But still to a useful level.