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Posted by PeterVRC | Jan 19, 2014 @ 05:13 PM | 21,086 Views
A glider??? YAWN...
I think I have owned ONE glider in my life before....

I was thinking about getting a DLG (Discus Launch Glider), just for some 'short lived' park fun, but then I thought "That would be VERY short lived fun" (per flight)! So I went hunting for a REAL glider to get....

It came down to two choices.... both from HobbyKing as usual.
1) FOX, which was a 2320mm wingspan, aerobatic/sports glider
2) Minimoa, which was a 2000mm wingspan scale 'gliding' glider

I read up on both, and both got great reviews from owners, so it was actually a tough decision.
FOX.... "Hmmm, 320mm more...." and "Sporty", which might make gliding a bit more interesting! Thus it won the tender.... JUST.... and even as I ordered it I was still wondering of it was the right one to choose. Both had their own small differences in what they were, and intended to do.... and each case had great appeal.

I think I might have chosen the WRONG one..... (more on that later)

Posted by PeterVRC | Jan 01, 2014 @ 07:36 PM | 11,525 Views
I have been a FR-sky user and supporter since the day I returned to RC modelling. Boy was I LUCKY that when i went looking for RC gear, I baulked at the Spektrum stuff, which I ALMOST bought (locally in Australia) and wandered through the HobbyKing offerings and chose the Turnigy 9X!!!
Now the T9X as it comes is nothing too amazing, though it is a computer based 8ch radio for $50 !!

Pretty well immediately, I read stuff about Freq Hopping and decided the stock T9X RF gear was 'junk' and a bit more reading and investigating showed the FR Sky module stuff was technically as good as any - and better than Spektrum who only had DSM2 then - so that lead me to buy the FR Sky stuff!
They already had great technical and reliable stuff (as it turns out), at cheap prices, and are heading up the RC manufacturers ladder FAST!! Faster than FAAAST... lol.

Th T9X could be flashed with OpenTX.... which would be close to the ultimate firmware you could have in an RC radio! I used the ER9X derivative of it, which I found a bit better than OpenTX for that radio.
So pretty well since day 1 (or probably within 30days) I have had the all singing and dancing OpenTX based T9X radio.... and three of them.
Three because one limitation of the T9X was MEMORY to store models. You can save models to a PC, and reload them etc, but I wanted ALL models ready to go all the time. And having three T9X with FRsky moules etc was still cheaper than ONE Spektrum or Futaba!

Now FR Sky has released the Taranis......Continue Reading