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Posted by Absaroka | Today @ 12:18 PM | 49 Views
Little wind- flew the bigger planes.
Posted by spinnetti | Today @ 11:48 AM | 73 Views
Playing again with Do-335 components. This is the current part collection, some at 14.68 (lanyu) scale, some at 1/10 scale and the Landing gear at 1/6th scale....Continue Reading
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just a quick update on my channel:
channel update, best way to support me. and some acro progres :) (6 min 41 sec)

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The painting within a painting of the painter painting a painting of the painting painting the painter.....

All whilst being painted...

You know what I mean
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Last year was a good one at work as we got a new type of flying into our repertoire!

We got hired by the Aviationphotocrew to fly photoship for their Air2Air photography projects. Great fun and great challenge making a very nice break from doing the same stuff year in year out (not that that is boring )

Anyway there is a very nice photoreport her:

And some video here
Beautiful (2 min 51 sec)

Posted by GRW3 | Today @ 03:16 AM | 454 Views
I occasionally participate in swap meets. I go to them more often to buy odds and ends but every few years I have some 5hings to sell. This was a sell year. I teamed up my pals Jim Branaum and Bob Severance, who did this much more often. We went to the San Antonio area Tri City Flyers Swap Meet, an annual event I like to get to to hit the itenerate hobby shops, if nothing else. On a personal basis, it’s a good place to catch up with old pals.

There had been a great disturbance in the Swap Meet force in January. The long standing Georgetown RC Swap Meet had been visited by the Tax Man. The state comptrollers had shown up to register all the amateur sellers to pay sales tax. (Yes, it’s true. If you rent a space to sell, you owe sales tax.) Some vendors pulled chocks and left but not all. A week or so ago we got a note from Tri City that the same would apply there too. It takes about 15min to get a sales tax ID on line so we did it. We wondered how it would affect the event. It did seem to have an impact. There were empty tables both Friday and Saturday.

The backstory on Georgetown is that, as related by the grapevine, they have a disgruntled former member who is waging a vendetta against them. Someone with political clout sufficient to roust out the staties to hassle them. What we're not quite sure of is if this caused the state to send notes to swap meet organizers to pay up or if Tri City poked the bear.

I gathered up my things and piled the into Jim’s truck to...Continue Reading
Posted by 1Ironhorse | Today @ 01:47 AM | 445 Views
Greeting my friends. Just wanted to update you with information that I received the two 639521-00SV motors that I have been waitin on because they were on back order. These will be the wing shaft motors, while the original 639521-00 motor I purchased so long ago (2007) will be the keel shaft motor.

OK, thats all for now. Until next time..."Keep it simple, make it FUN!"
Posted by Prof100 | Yesterday @ 10:57 PM | 560 Views
Just a placeholder for this unique plane that I want to use to learn how to do FPV flying. $100 PNP including a stabilizer. Runs of 3s or 4s.
Posted by DBSkyout | Yesterday @ 08:19 PM | 1,220 Views
I have not posted for awhile so check out my latest looking back at 2017 and a little more. Changing planes this year to the BAMF and FLARE. Both fly awesome!

2017 Reflection and More (2 min 36 sec)

Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 04:11 PM | 1,129 Views
I usually don't build for other people other than close friends at the field, and then it'll be one of my flat jets or a combat ship...nothing too complicated or time consuming......too much like work....lol ......However, the fellow that helped me with my very first maiden flight was an S-3 pilot in the Navy.....over 1500 hours and 450 cat shots/traps....can't say no to that....and you never forget those that help you.....So I tried to duplicate the squadron markings of his aircraft.

This is the second aircraft I cut with the E3
Posted by NoobRc | Yesterday @ 02:57 PM | 1,298 Views
Just returned from the field after absolutely the most perfect maiden day i have had - and this was with my all weather version of the ExtremeFlight Slick 52!

Compact field in Westborough MA with gusty cross wind directly in my face. Sunny, just above freezing.

I had another pilot stand next to me as a precaution, just in case i needed to trim a lot for the maiden flight. Have needed that just once in 30 planes, but that once i was glad somebody was there to make it easier on me to land safely.

In this case, in the first 10 seconds, i knew I had a perfect plane! Two tiny clicks (1%) on elevator to account for my CG preference, and that was it. It was tracking like an arrow with the wind! I do have a Demon Cortex Pro installed, because this is my All Weather plane - ready to go under almost any weather i can venture out. Also set up without wheel pants so i can switch to skis in two mins.

But i never used the gyro today, and this is true of about 70% to 80 % of the days I fly. When i was done flying, the club president commented that the plane tracked so well, the gyro was really worth the money. His jaw dropped when i told him i had never turned the gyro on! That is reserved for days when it is unexpectedly very gusty and i feel i am putting my plane at risk.

Every frame is different, and in a couple of batts, i had settled in on the perfect CG for me. I don't think i can do a proper 45 inverted test at this compact field, so i did the Cody W method....Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 02:45 PM | 1,226 Views

Can imagine the interview there would go like "Why do you want to work here instead of SpaceX?" followed by "Can you handle not getting into SpaceX?" But there are a lot of people who just want to build rockets for the sound, the power, & the thrill of putting anything in space rather than to solve problems or change the world, or be a viable business. In this case, it's probably good enough to get any employment they can find.


Of course, searching for the Astra rocket gives you the Ad Astra startup which has been trying to develop new engine technology for 20 years. Apparently, the biggest problems with this kind of engine are manetaining a vacuum to test it in & generating enough power to feed it.
There is no affordable space platform with the generating capacity or way to reach orbit cheaply enough to try many prototypes. Just reaching a 5 minute firing took half a century of extremely slow iterations. It's another example of what a revolution a rapidly & fully reusable rocket would be. If launching a 1/2 million lb nuclear reactor & daily iterations of engine hardware suddenly took a rational amount of money, engines like this could be tested in years rather than centuries.
Posted by KatrinaRosen | Yesterday @ 01:35 PM | 1,305 Views
An aircraft from The Black Eagles skids and crashes into the grass at Changi Airport.
Posted by Choppahman8 | Yesterday @ 01:02 PM | 1,323 Views
Just did 419 meters with the E010 jellybean tx and the FPV plane.
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 11:21 AM | 1,405 Views
This is the second flight with my Freewing F-105 Thunderchief 64mm EDF Jet. It includes footage from two different cameras to give you the best experience possible on my first flight with this RC Jet.

Freewing F-105 Thunderchief 64mm EDF Jet Slow Passes and Speed Test (2 min 52 sec)

Posted by aben71 | Yesterday @ 11:19 AM | 1,403 Views
I recently received this Furbee F90 fpv quadcopter from Gearbest to review ,unfortunately I can not get it to connect to Betaflight ,that being said I am unable to arm the motors to fly this quadcopter as it is necessary to set up this in the Betaflight configurator.
I will be sending this inquary to Gearbest in hope to find a solution.

Furibee F90 Fpv Drone Betaflight Connection Failure (3 min 31 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Yesterday @ 11:18 AM | 1,433 Views
I had a receiver and set of servos my family got me for christmas and I decided I wanted to do something as a rocket glider but also to call back to my first aileron plane, a Kraft Das Ugly Stik(mine was actually a hobby shack electric stik version).

I decided that since it was a rocket plane, and a semi futuristic design, I'd use canard but keep the tail and wing shape a-la ugly stik.

I used a doubled kf airfoil wing and non movable canard and elevon controls, 27" wingspan, 30.5" length, 2.6" diameter. Weight all up rtf is 11 oz.

I've gotten pretty good at doing indoor test glides to figure out max rearward CG, however in this case, even with a good canard cg calculator in hand, I was pretty tail heavy. The first flight I should have called it der Bodenjäger because it was hunting the ground, not the Sky......

It didn't help I was maidening in a 10 mph wind that was blowing downwind toward the launcher...Off the rail it pitched forward into the exhaust trail obscuring it, and I tried to react, but it wound up doing three nice 50 foot loops about 10' off the ground at the bottom with no control input, and settling into a perfect landing in the field. This was due in large part to my piloting prowess and the luck of the Irish....

Deciding that either I got some inadvertent canard incidence or tail heaviness I added .3 oz nose weight and gave it another try. This time it boosted much better, I moved the launcher and myself so I was down wind...Continue Reading