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Posted by BatLaw | Apr 02, 2012 @ 08:21 AM | 4,434 Views
Having spent two days anti-fouling the 31ft. yacht, I felt that painting something smaller would be a therapeutic wind down. So, herewith is the finished Redwing, not exactly as per the original colour scheme, but still reasonably close. Now it's just a matter of capturing it in flight. Keep watching this space!
Posted by BatLaw | Mar 23, 2012 @ 12:36 PM | 4,944 Views
Right. Just completed some trimming flights of the Redwing.
Took it to our local common for a bit of space just in case. Wind was about 9 mph, that's according to our local RAF station, about 10 miles away, and it seemed about right.
I also took my stock MPX Mini Mag but that was struggling to make headway. First flight for that but it will now have the brushless out of my Easy Star!
Anyway, nothing ventured etc. so with a hand launch off went the Redwing. The motor is a noisy little beast with the gearbox making more noise I thought than a GWS IPS, but there's plenty of pull. Slightly out of trim resulting in wing drops and a couple of near vertical landings but then everthing got sorted and she settled down. As she was still showing a tendency to spiral in on turns out of wind I kept her head in and throttling down left her hovering quite nicely 30 ft. up just in front of me. It was even buzzed by a very ragged winged buzzard at one point! After 5 or so minutes of this I thought discretion called for postponement to another day.
The various ground arrivals did no harm and she bounced quite nicely off the short grass with the only problem being the loss of a wheel retainer when I later tried a ROG!
Back home was much calmer in the garden, so Mr. Impatient thought he'd have another go. Wheel back on, but after a couple of short hops, it came back off so end of session.
As it flies quite fast even with just enough power to sustain flight, the garden may be too confined;...Continue Reading
Posted by BatLaw | Mar 14, 2012 @ 05:11 AM | 4,701 Views
Dead calm yesterday so thought I'd shoot some video using my Kodak ZX3 Playsport attached to a ski helmet. Managed to keep it centre frame even though it was set up for use on the slopes. An ego thing posting it on YouTube but it acts as an incentive to get to grips with IMovie editing. We come back each year with lots of ski footage, most of it boring, so this year, in my retirement, I'll be putting together a 'decent' video diary.
Next sunny day we have, I'll be fitting the cam to my Easy Star. The vid on my YT page was shot using a keyfob cam, now deceased for anything longer than 50 sec clips.
Parkzone Night Vapor flying around garden (3 min 13 sec)

Posted by BatLaw | Mar 09, 2012 @ 08:47 AM | 5,220 Views
Having bought a Vapor for use in my back garden, I then thought about a slightly larger/heavier plane for the open area just over the fence. (Ok, it is a golf course, but it's empty in the summer after 8 pm.)
I'd built a modded 22 in. w/s Hanger Rat using a 5g BL motor with 5g servos and 200 mah 2s lipo, and that works well, but I wanted something smaller.
Then I came across posts covering the Hobby King GPS-8 motor. I'd tried the GPS-7 before but that had been a bit weak so perhaps that next size up would do. Combine it with a HK R415 rx, the 1.7g orange servos, 3a ESC and a 110/130 1s lipo and that may be the answer.
Next would be to decide on a suitable airframe. As I had printed out the 19 in. w/s Frog Redwing, I have settled on that and have now finished a simplified version out of depron, weighing in at 45g. I have not yet had a chance to try it out apart from short hops in the garden but I will report back in due course. What is clear is that there's plenty of pull with the GPS-8, possibly more than enough, so 1/2 throttle will stretch out the flight times quite nicely.
Hopefully the attached photos are clear enough to show the build process.