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Posted by Cody S | Sep 10, 2011 @ 06:28 PM | 3,023 Views
Well I tried my hand at pattern flying today, entered in Sportsman class, went alright for what I was flying, a 3D Foamie. There was only one other guy against me, but he was 2 years older and flying a T-28. I was just flying the foamie, and its hard to do pattern when your just floating in the wind! The first two rounds were pretty good, got a lot of applause lol. As soon as the wind picked up it was pretty bad.

We had 4 rounds today, and two tomorrow. At least I have a guaranteed place in second haha! I hope I get a medal or a certificate at least for my first pattern flying attempt!

EDIT: Won 2nd place in Sportsman class! Prizes were a silver medal and a F3A World Championships mug!!

Scores varied from 753, to 946, and my lowest score per manuevre was 0 for a Split S in 11mph wind. Highest score was 10!

Here are the scores for 2011

And heres a video.
Pattern in the Valley 2011 - Fraser Valley RC Flyers - HD (6 min 22 sec)

Posted by Cody S | Jul 29, 2011 @ 05:47 PM | 3,035 Views
It started off turning final to land, turning right aileron, and adding up elevator, when all of a sudden the plane shattered into about 7 different pieces. I couldn't tell if the wing broke off. I had no control. Next thing I know it's in the hazelnut trees. I tried finding it for about an hour by moving the controls. But my best guess is that the battery unplugged. Only thing I found was the canopy, completely intact. Its a complete write off. $250 gone. Oh well. RIP
Posted by Cody S | Sep 20, 2010 @ 08:02 PM | 4,286 Views
(In this order)

1. Flyzone Skyfly- Barely Used, turns so slowlyy {SOLD}

2. Hobbyzone Mini Super Cub- Custom Painted {SOLD}

3. E-flite Blade CX2 Heli- Still Active

4. E-flite Blade MCX Micro-Heli- SHORTED LIPO

5. E-flite Funtana 300- AWESOME!! RIP

6. Hobbyking HK-450GT Heli - ACTIVE FLYS GREAT

7. Parkzone T-28D Trojan, modified, built from ground up. (Disintegrated mid-air, RIP)

8. Flyzone Albatross - Sweet little plane

9. E-flite MSR - Cool little indoor flyer

10. Hangar 9 Twist - Electric Conversion - So Far So Good

11. Hobbyking Souka 3D EPP - Awesome 3D Flyer

12. Parkzone F4U Corsair - crash restoration

Radios: Spektrum DX6i- SWEET
Spektrum DX5e- Good for one plane, otherwise ok.