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Here is the maiden flight of the Dynam Gee Bee Y Model:
Dynam Gee Bee Y Maiden [1270mm] RC Plane (11 min 51 sec)

Posted by kopterheld | Yesterday @ 06:02 PM | 1,009 Views
A 5 inch toothpick Quad ET5 with Caddx Vista module, weighs 160 grams and with 650mAh 4S Lipo 237g. The quad is quiet, fast enough, agile and the lightest 5 inch quad you can fly with DJI goggles. Everything built from BetaFPV components.

Video 1 - BetaFPV ET5 DJI Vista 5 inch 237g first flight (EN - subtitles)
BetaFPV ET5 DJI Vista 5 inch 237g (4 min 42 sec)

159 grams with Caddx Vista module and CrossFire Nano receiver

Or with the 3S 850mAh Tattu R-Line battery you can fly over 6 minutes.

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...a couple of weeks ago, I have upgraded the transmitter to 3.01 version. Unfortunately the blue charging LED doesn't light up.

Is this defect in firmware or something else?
Is there any downgrading of the radio or a way to factory reset completely?

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The H-King P-51D Moonbeam McSwine V2 750mm PNP WWII Warbird Maiden Flight!

H-King P-51 Mustang Moonbeam McSwine V2 750mm PNP - Maiden Flight Review (6 min 37 sec)

Here are my pros and cons for this HobbyKing P-51:

- This V2 come with a gyro installed
- Quick and easy assembly
- Wing tanks can be used as skids for belly landing
- Price is a great value
- 3S brushless power
- The looks and details are impressive

- Make sure you add a dab of CA to the foam on the tail wheel if it is loose.

Link to plane:
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Although I have had 3 Ripmax Xcalibur turbine jets, I have never had the larger Plus one. I finally got a change to buy a really nice one used.
I am really impressed with the flight characteristics of the Xcaliburs, and this larger one has not let me down.
I am powering it with the same Jetcat P120 that I have used in all my jets. I prefer propane start, as it has less chance of a puddling fire and it
does start up immediately. This Plus has a much larger tank that I have installed from a PilotRC 2.2m predator that survived from a mishap with
a friends predator. The tank is huge 4.7l and includes a built in UAT. I painted the tank to make it match the plane, but now I have to strip a window
off the tank so I can see fuel level (duh). Servos are all Savox 1230mg (500oz), and I use these in all my turbine jets.
I am a dedicated Spektrum flyer, having used Spektrum in literally tons of my planes, and have had JR 9303, 9503, DX7, DX18gen 1 and 2, DX20 and now an IX20. I have used nothing my Spektrum Powersafe receivers 9,12, and 20 ch in my planes. I HAVE NEVER had a crash attributed to any
Spektrum equipped planes, either my Giant Scale or Jets. Here are some photos of my Xcalibur.

Here is a link to a friends video of his:
Ripmax Xcalibur Plus Global Jet Club (9 min 7 sec)

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Everyone mods their EDF to be more powerful and faster.
I say, it's easy - just put bigger battery and engine.
I want to do slow passes, and high alpha to admire my plane.
I bought JePe F-16 designed for 90mm and modded her to be powered by 70mm EDF and 4S power setup.
JePe F-16 mod for 4S (3 min 46 sec)

Build log
Posted by robertus | Yesterday @ 09:50 AM | 1,501 Views
I have a lot of time these days.
I've got idea to build and show how I develop my planes. prepare for a lot of movies and photos.

MiG21 Scratch build - part1 (4 min 28 sec)

build log:
Posted by robertus | Yesterday @ 09:47 AM | 1,513 Views
Finally I figured out how to configure the BoP to stable flight with anhedral and dihedral wings.
My Bird of Prey - an/di-hedral wing successful tests (4 min 56 sec)

build log:
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Review Part 1 - Yak54 Aerobat 800mm Wingspan 3D Plane - Assembly Part 1

Yak54 Aerobat 800mm Wingspan Kit

Banggood GCRC

Here is a link to the Video:

I have been wanting to Review a 3D Plane for quite some time.
In the right hands, they are very Aerobatic but also Graceful in the air.
I've never flown a 3D Plane before so they're won't be much in the way of Grace but definitely some Aerobatics ;-)
This Yak54 is an 800mm Wingspan Kit, no Electronics are included.
Mine had everything it should, except for the Motor Mount, which I suspect fell out of the Box.
Yep! This time UPS strikes again!
When I received the box the Carbon Spar and Control Rods were hanging out of a damaged corner of the box so I suspect that is how I'm missing the Motor Mount.
The Build looks to be pretty straight forward.
I don't like the stock assembly of the Landing Gear so I'm going to MOD that ;-)
Everything else looks to assemble as it should.
The Kit included the Carbon Wing Spar, Control Horns, Control Rods, Control Rod Linkage Stops, Control Rod Supports, Velcro, and the Control Surfaces are already Beveled and Hinged.
I didn't see any cuts in the foam for the Control Horns but that's easy enough.

RC Tip #24 - Servo Setup & Centering - Get that Servo perfectly Centered

This Yak54 Aerobat Kit is Courtesy of Banggood.
I want to thank Banggood for sending this Kit for Review.

Stay Tuned...

Hobby King link to Demo Video, Assembly Guide, Assembly Video:

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #Yak54 #Aerobat #3DPlane #MiniProp

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups
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I've reviewed the new Emax Eco 1404 brushless motor for quadcopters here:

Read the review for a lot more detail but a TLDR version is they are light, smooth efficient and durable (so far). They may not offer the maximum power as some others but the efficiency and smoothness is worth it especially for HD recording like I wanted from this build.


Posted by jerseyhank | Yesterday @ 05:18 AM | 2,351 Views
Posted by GBLynden | May 23, 2020 @ 04:09 PM | 4,356 Views
The new H-King P-51D Moonbeam McSwine V2 750mm PNP WWII Warbird is here!

H-King P-51 Mustang Moonbeam McSwine V2 750mm PNP - Unboxing & Review (9 min 32 sec)

H-King P-51 Mustang Moonbeam McSwine V2 750mm PNP - Maiden Flight Review (6 min 37 sec)
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I'm on OpenTX 2.3.7

This X10S is new with no programmed models. If I had one programmed, I might have stumbled across the correct option to see the Spectrum Analyzer.

To see the Spectrum Analyzer do the following :

Select a Model
Goto Model Setup
Scroll down to Internal RF
Change Mode to ISRM and Select Access or D16

Now click the SYSTEM button on the left side
Select TOOLS and look for Spectrum (INT) . If it's not there, then I have no idea
Click on Spectrum (INT)

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Halloa people

so if you are into multirotors you have probably come across the new Folding propellers from DALprop (?)
And you can probably see the potential convenience of folding props right?

BUT... yeah.. that

Link to them: DALprop 5-inch Folding FPV Racing propellers

And well.. let us see what these are about

DalProp Wizardry :P The 5.1" Fold Series Propellor? :O (27 min 42 sec)

Posted by jetpilotrich | May 23, 2020 @ 10:22 AM | 5,052 Views
Hey folks!

I decided to revisit some older models in my demo model fleet & create what I am calling the "Off The Shelf" Series of epic models that I still fly in my fleet and that are still available from Horizon Hobby!

Please Visit my YouTube Channel for this video & more videos!


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Hey Folks!

I just started using the new Spektrum Smart Technology system in my models. This is just a short intro and overview to this truly smart charging system... more videos soon!

Please Visit my YouTube Channel for more videos: .... Please LIKE , SUBSCRIBE, & hit the Notification Bell..... Enjoy!


Shopping through the following links helps support this channel!

▼Get your SPEKTRUM Smart Charging components here▼
-Smart 30A 540W Power Supply►
-Smart S1200 DC Charger, 1x200W►
-S1500 DC Smart Charger, 1x500W►

-S2100 Smart DUAL AC charger►

-22.2V 3200mAh 6S 30C Smart LiPo Battery►
-22.2V 4000mAh 6S 50C Smart LiPo Battery►

▼All lipo packs in the Smart Charging system▼
-SPEKTRUM 6S 5000mAh 100c lipo IC5►
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