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Posted by yel914 | Aug 21, 2011 @ 04:22 PM | 5,549 Views
These are pics of 2 Waco UPF-7s I built. My friend Ralph had me build the red and black from an Ikon N'Wst kit. I copied the kit and made one for myself. It's 1/5th scale with a wing span of 72". The red one has a dummied engine and will never be flown by the owner. It is, however, set up to accept an engine and servos just in case. Mine, the cream and green one, has a DLE 30cc gasser in it. Not flown yet, but, maybe someday.
Paint on both is latex. Red one is clear coated with Nelson's. Cream and green is clear coated with Klass Kote. Both planes have rib stitching over Sig koverall. I made custom fiberglass molds to make various parts for the planes. FG parts include wing fairings, rudder to elevator covers, tail wheel cover, belly pan, cowl, and rear cowl cover, and strut covers.
Posted by yel914 | Aug 19, 2011 @ 05:16 AM | 5,448 Views
My latest build. 60" ws. OS 90 fs. Interchangable wing saddles convert from floats to wheeled gear with removal of 4 screws. Solartex, painted w/Minwax polycrylic, auto primer, latex paint, 1 more coat of polyc, then fuel proofed w/Lustercoat flat clear. Weight is 9 lbs.