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Here's an index to my blog posts. Click the link to directly open a blog post. The entries are numbered, latest entries have a higher number.

Building & debugging OpenTX
#1: Step-by-step guide to building (custom) OpenTX firmware under Ubuntu Linux
#2: Exploring and debugging OpenTX with Qt Creator IDE under Ubuntu Linux
#3: Step-by-step guide to building (custom) OpenTX firmware under 64-bit Windows 10
#4: Exploring and debugging OpenTX with Qt Creator IDE under 64-bit Windows 10

Native MAVLink & MAVLink telemetry with OpenTX
#5: Native MAVLink telemetry with RadioMaster TX16S (w/o having to use Mav2PT converter)
#6: Modified Yaapu telemetry widget to support OlliW MavSDK/native MAVLink on OpenTX

RadioMaster TX16S modifications
#7: RadioMaster TX16S tray modification
#8: RadioMaster TX16S stick pot dial modification
#9: RadioMaster TX16S DFU button modification
#13 RadioMaster TX16S 6-position switch firmware (written from scratch)
#14: RadioMaster TX16S SPI Flash readout
#15: RadioMaster TX16S breakout board
#16: RadioMaster TX16S mainboard
#17: RadioMaster TX16S schematic diagram
#18: RadioMaster TX16S electronic circuit improvement ideas

DIY electronics
#10: USB2PPM Interface for controlling a remote device from PC

DragonLink related
#5: Native MAVLink telemetry with RadioMaster TX16S (w/o having to use Mav2PT converter)
#11: Disabling all RF emissions of DragonLink V3 WiFi+BT ESP32 module

Futaba related
#12: Futaba TM-10 FASST module / T10CG internal module serial communication
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Bored of your Cine8 ? need an organ donor for a 2 to 3" build ???
Check my lastest Youtube edit, Happymodel Cine8 review and... Other things 😅

Happymodel Cine8 (sort of) review conversion Angry toad Custom 2.5" frame cinewhoop insta360 go 2 (11 min 34 sec)

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PDF User Guide Link:!Au6X2Jil-WVD6n0Z...0tPe6?e=0TC0Wh

Free STL Download Link:

This tool will make it easy for you to make a perfect CA hinge.
Also will be a standard hinge making tool for all Craycle models.

In addition, a hinge design has been made that you can use for your own balsa and foam models.

You decide which flexible material you will use as a hinge. You can use special materials produced for this, or you can use an easily accessible material such as nylon film (for example: acetate film).

Note: You must print the Hinge Maker at a layer height of 0.15mm.

Follow us for the next projects.

0,4 mm nozzle daimeter.
0,15 mm layer height.
Hinge Maker = PLA/PETG/ABS etc.
Hinge = Only TPU or flex filaments.
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This is my E-flite Draco Maiden Flight Adventure!

E-flite Draco Maiden Flight Adventure | Mike Patey's HUGE E-flite Draco 2.0m Smart BNF RC Plane (12 min 7 sec)

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Here is a 3" tether car powered by a Cox Tee Dee .010 engine.
The body is a Tootsie Toy piece. Had to do a good bit of grinding on it
to get it ready. I messed up on the cylinder opening. Decided to make a
gear choice change after I had cut the opening out.
I fabricated the frame and fuel tank from K&S brass stock pieces.
Used solder to hold it all together.
Gears and axels are slot car parts.
The wheels are Dubro tail 3/4" airplane tail wheels drilled and
tapped to fit the axles.
The brass screws are 1-72 thread 1/4" long.
I'll fill the cylinder opening and paint the body one of these days.
To see all the photos you will need to click on the link just to the right of this line-----------------------------------....Continue Reading
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Halloa people

first video on an (for most) unknown radio / radio-brand and I've combined it's maiden with a first plane of the ZOHD Drift...
The Drift isn't a new-new plane ofcourse.. it IS new to me though :P

Soooo a Wfly ET16S radio.. Ever heard of the brand?
Also: it was sent to me for free.. Just so you know...

Let's at least see if the plane + radio combo results in a flight

New Radio + New Plane + New Camera ! :O What could go wrong :P (14 min 17 sec)

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Want to know more about Depron? It's back in the USA.
Listen to the Aviation RC Noob Podcast with Special Guest Greg Tanous to learn more.

Let us know what *you* have used Depron For.
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OpenPilot/LibrePilot. Still one of the cleanest flight controller architectures out there...

LibrePilot System Architecture
Eric Price
June 30, 2017


LibrePilot is an Open Source Avionics Solution for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Model Aircraft and other robots.
It implements sensor fusion as well as fully configurable Steering, Control, Guidance and autonomous Navigation and runs on a fight controller circuit board. It interfaces with remote control receivers, GPS, IMU, Barometer and other sensors and controls a number of actuators such as brushless engines, navigation lights, buzzers, servos, etc...
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Last February, I started the Aviation RC Noob Podcast with my great friend Joe. Just as he started in this great hobby. Naturally

With this podcast we share our journey in the hobby and try to provide meaningful information to help the new hobbyist understand the hobby better, and know you aren't alone.

Start at the beginning and listen to our first Episode:

learn about why we started and what we are trying to do here:

Visit our Website:

Listen in and tell us what you would like to hear about.
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New product this week :
SKYZONE SKY04L LCOS 1280*960 5.8G 48CH DVR Build In

New product this week :
CUAV Pixhack V5 nano Small Flight Controller

New product this week :
...Continue Reading
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Yep Les Amis,
SMO or NAKED ? That is the question ! J'ai en test depuis quelques temps la petite Insta 360 SMO qui a été développée en collaboration avec BetaFPV. J'avais quelques aprioris sur le fait de devoir passer par un logiciel de stabilisation mais tout compte fait, quand on compare à la difficulté d'obtenir ou de se fabriquer une Gopro Naked et à sa fragilité, c'est vrai que la SMO est un excellent compromis niveau rapport qualité prix et utilisation. Donc j'adopte aisément cette nouvelle petite caméra pour mes prochains vol en HD, que ce soit sur des petits ou gros racers. La coque solide et les lentilles de protection sont très rassurants en cas de petits crashs ou contacts ( j'en suis déjà à ma deuxième Naked et un objectif changé sur la deuxième ! ). En bref, je valide ! ... Prenez soin de vous et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Insta360 SMO 4K BETAFPV - Review Test Démo - Résistante et efficace, c'est rassurant ! (33 min 59 sec)

NOTATAZ : 17/20 Bien, et surtout, Dispo !!!

- Caméra SMO 4K ( coupon BGFPV25 ) :
- Accessoires SMO :
- Prise Balance montée :
- Drone utilisé, Firefly Hex NANO Beta :
- Fichiers STL à imprimer :
- Logiciel Insta360 STUDIO 2021 :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS 2021 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour quotidiennement, en...Continue Reading
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Hi, how have you been? Hope all is fine for you.

We would like to update this information for you that A20CLS servo is upgrade to programmable version, and it is available to DIY the parameter that you need.

High Performance Digital Micro Servo
High Precision Metal Gears
High Quality Coreless Motor
Dual Ball Bearing
Full CNC Aluminium Housing

Item: A20CLS
Gear: Steel + Titanium
Size: 23*12*27.5mm (0.90 x 0.47 x 1.08 in)
Weight: 21g
Connector Wire: JR 180 mm

Operating Voltage: 4.8-8.4V
Operating speed: 0.11sec/60°@ 6.0V
Operating speed: 0.09sec/60°@ 7.4V
Operating speed: 0.08sec/60°@ 8.4V

Stall Torque: 5.8 kg-cm (80 oz-in) @ 6.0V
Stall Torque: 6.8 kg-cm (95 oz-in) @ 7.4V
Stall Torque: 7.5 kg-cm (104oz-in) @ 8.4V

It is the popular micro servo for 1/24 Scale RC Monster Car, SCX10.3,SCX24, Airplane and 450 Class Helicopter Tail and Swashplate etc.

More functions, More experiences & More fun. So why not? Pick me and take me away!

More info about this servo please click here:

Click here to get more product:

More info about the product please feel free to contact [email protected]

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Feathers DLG , a look in the box (4 min 7 sec)

Came in the mail today .
Finally got one at a price I was prepared to pay .
Projected weight is high !
Also the Feathers needs building and covering !

I dare say that the UMX Whipit might be a far better option for 99% of the people .
It's lighter , it's built - add a battery / do a bind , set it up per instructions and go have fun .
And it's very close on the money , except that with the feathers you still need the stuffing ( Rx / servos ) , oh and to build the feathers .
Hmmmmm ,

Now that I have seen the feathers in the flesh ( well the kit ) , I would's highly recommend the whip .
Unless like me , you just gota have it .
Better bring your kit building A game for this one !
The better it's built - the better it will fly .
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1440p yields more image data on a 4:3 sensor camera, and we can still format to 16:9 without losing anything. This video walks you through it:
Runcam5 Orange: Why 1440p is Better • Plus: Opensource Non-Linear Stretching Not Superview (9 min 0 sec)

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Here are some flights after painting....

R/C F-117 Rocket glider flights (3 min 42 sec)

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Servos and Frames arrived.
Time to start putting Blade together.