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Posted by RustyUs | Feb 10, 2019 @ 12:28 PM | 4,069 Views
This thing is stupid fun to drive! I have no intentions of racing in the near future. This 1/10 4wd stadium truck/truggy was bought to be used solely as a basher/trasher (track basher).

The ET410 is very well balanced. I thought for sure the truggy would jump a bit nose heavy, but is not the case at all. I was expecting the ET410 box stock setup to be on the firmer side of things. But, after running the truggy for awhile, it soaks up bumps/jumps, and flies very predictable (with SC tires)...better than I had hoped for. The stock suspension setup/shock package is almost perfect.

My only complaint is the rear yellow springs are too stiff to get desired ride height. I can't see anyone using the stock rear springs to get a low ride height, unless, a different shock tower is used, or the coils are cut. I currently have to use the 2.61 lb/in, green springs in the rear (and find them just barely soft enough) to get the truggy's rear at "bones level" height that I strive for. This is only possible when rear spring collars are adjusted so that they are only touching the rear springs while the springs are fully extended. I will be getting the softer pink rear springs shortly, and they should be (hopefully) perfect for my situation.

I remember when I first started reading RC forums; there had been, for years, thoughts of modifying a stadium truck into a 4wd "animal". Time past, and OFNA did it. They (OFNA/HoBao) put out the Hyper 10-TT. I thought...Continue Reading
Posted by RustyUs | Sep 20, 2018 @ 06:07 PM | 4,240 Views
Back in the beginning of 2017, Team Associated was getting ready to put out something that I did not see coming...The Team Associated RC10T4.3 Qualifier Series Ready-To-Run stadium truck. After seeing the red, white, and blue body, I knew I had to have one!

Well, I became a parts hoarder because of chop shops putting items up for bid on eBay. I had so many spare parts, I was able to build my version of a Factory Team SC10.3, and a T4.3.

I wanted to take a step backwards for a moment, and decided to go with a brushed motor setup on my T4.3 build. Needless to say, I didn't like the motors that I tried. They got super hot! No matter what I did, I could not find a sweet spot for gearing any length of time. The 2017 season had it's ups and downs.

In June 2018, a brushless motor finally made it's way onto the truck's motor mount. The no-name motor is a finned 540, but it is a pretty potent little can. The motor being only 3100kv, it's just about perfect for my needs.

I love everything about the "4" series platforms from Associated. Being able to share a lot of parts between buggy, stadium trucks, and short course trucks means a lot to me, and why I'll be keeping mine around for a long time coming....Continue Reading
Posted by RustyUs | Jul 15, 2018 @ 08:53 AM | 3,899 Views
The 2015 SC10.2 FT was purchased when news of the RC10SC5M was being released and hobby shops were dumping their supply of SC10.2 kits. The SC10.2 sat in the mancave for a long time while I bashed away with it's older SC10 FT sibbling. I've always associated red white, and blue with Team Associated. I went with a simple design so I could get the body done quickly.

Posted by RustyUs | Jul 15, 2018 @ 08:49 AM | 3,743 Views
My long time "shelf queen" Team Associated RC10T4.2 FT with newly painted JConcepts Finnisher body. The T4.2 was sitting in my mancave for a couple of years after a few initial runs. I had an old DTX Evader EXT body on the chassis just to have a body to keep the dust out. Now it's time to take the stadium truck out once again...and with proper body .

Axle Pin Size: Diameter 1.85mm x Length 9.5mm
Posted by RustyUs | Jun 09, 2018 @ 05:46 AM | 5,261 Views
This thing was bought used. When I got the SC10FT straight out of the shipping box and into my garage...I know the truck was set up for something I never saw before. Haha. Them shocks must have had 60~70wt oil in them; chassis had anti roll bars installed, and half bald clay? tires outfitted the chassis. Previous owner must have been racing on carpet or doing some oval track stuff. Out of the box, the SC10's ride height was set extremely low. At least I thought so.

I did a test run on the driveway, to setup the steering, and the tranny sounded great...Associated trannies have always got my attention, but this one was extra quiet . That being the case, I didn't even crack open the gearbox to check it's contents . At the track, the truck handled like poo!

I ended up putting the SC10 back to almost the stock setup that is in the manual. Just by taking off the anti-roll bars, adding droop, and changing the shock oil made the truck drivable again. Hurray! Softening up the suspension even more, and throwing on a new set of proper knobby tires...we were back in business .