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Posted by 5th | Jun 27, 2013 @ 01:22 PM | 27,127 Views
I have seen some explanations regarding how to determine the correct values to enter for aileron and elevator in the KK2.0 Mixer Editor. They base the values off of the angle between a given arm and a reference axis. While this approach works (and in many cases provides the same result) I find it conceptually confusing for non-mathletes, and it does not always account for the length of the frame arms appropriately since it assumes that all rotors are the same distance from the COG/FC.

Since the KK2.0 is incredibly flexible regarding rotor layouts it would be preferable to use an approach that accounts for varying arm lengths and geometries. In addition my approach requires only a tape measure and the use of multiplication and division.

So here we go...

Setting AIL/ELE Values in the KK2.0 Mixer Editor