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Posted by GliderGuideMan | Jan 10, 2007 @ 08:03 AM | 7,325 Views
I have finally got around to doing some more work on the planes (Company of Heroes has been keeping me busy in the cold dark evenings. Anyhow rather than post the same informatioon again, here is my Magpie AP. I am still working on the Tiger Moth though!!!More soon...
Posted by GliderGuideMan | Sep 22, 2006 @ 10:25 AM | 11,720 Views
OK I have a Blog so I thought it was about time I used it. First off I thought I would document a project I am working on at the moment.

I bought a Ripmax Tiger Moth over 3 years ago. It is a 48" wingspan model suitable for a 25-40 glow engine, mine had an OS40LA installed. I flew this plane a lot and really enjoyed it until the firewall (and attached engine) parted company with the rest of the airframe. Luckily I was taxiing the plane at the time. It would have been an interesting flight if this had happened in the air. The plane was hung up in the hanger and there it lay for a year or more.

Roll on a couple of years. I have a new family and flying time is limited, which means I have less flight damage to repair each week. Having repaired my more recent models I thought it was abaout time to get the Tiger Moth back in the air.

Since hanging the plane up I have gone all electric, and since I needed to build a new firewall anyway (the original was only about 2mm thick!!! and made of a very flexible ply like material) I thought I would convert it to electric. I also fancied making it look a bit different and looked around for an interesting colour scheme.

Lastly, I thought I would add a few details not on the original model, I am not the greatest builder in the World and I am not looking to enter any competitions, but I think the model deserves a few more scale like touches. I will look to add rigging wires and some detail around the cowl and undercarriage etc.

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