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Posted by Tom Frank | Mar 10, 2015 @ 09:42 PM | 36,276 Views
The Mobius ActionCam is now well known and arguably the camera of choice in it's lower-cost niche market segment. The image quality is very good, but the three available lenses all have fisheye distortion to different degrees, like all wider angle lenses do in similar cameras. I've used several fisheye correction filters available with some video editors, and while they can do a pretty decent job in many cases, their "generic" correction algorithms typically do not exactly match the curvature distortion of the Mobius standard lenses... not surprising since, like most decent lenses these days, the Mobius lenses use aspherical elements in their optics.

Enter ProDrenalin, a commercial video correction program by ProDad, a German company. In addition to fisheye correction, the program can also correct perspective "keystone" parallax distortion which becomes more apparent after curved lines are straightened by the fisheye correction. It does this by giving the user the ability to manually tilt the image about the pitch, roll, and yaw axes as necessary to get the desired results. Additionally, the program has a video stabilization function that also can minimize some rolling shutter artifacts, such as tilting of vertical lines as the camera is panned past, and the deformation of circles, such as vehicle wheels, into ovals as they move past the camera. Finally, ProDrenalin can do other image improvements such as video noise reduction and modification of...Continue Reading
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Make sure you have your sound turned up for this one. I was doing pretty well until the sun got in the way!

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