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Posted by teamtwisty | Jan 03, 2015 @ 11:51 AM | 3,912 Views
Building the Bird of Time.

Posted by teamtwisty | Feb 07, 2008 @ 07:31 PM | 6,016 Views
My Buddy shows up at my door late one night with the Nexstar in his hand with a big smile and says do you want this plane....I just found it in a dumpster with all the gear cut out of it and minor damage. The only thing left in it was the gas tank. It looked like someone took a pair of dikes and just cut all the gear out. The hinges were so stiff id bet it would not even fly. Any way I put a mega motor in it,replaced all the hinges and push rods and went out and flew it. This thing flies great.
Posted by teamtwisty | Feb 07, 2008 @ 06:27 PM | 5,906 Views
I found these Sailplanes out on the dry lake with no people or cars or trailers. It was very erie. It was like finding flight 19 back from the Bermuda triangle. It was very tempting to touch the gliders but we never did. I love my huge back yard.><><><Chris><><>
Posted by teamtwisty | Feb 05, 2008 @ 11:54 PM | 6,045 Views
I maiden my scratch built ten footer (Again) Today after taking the Mega motor out of my Hobbieco Nexstar and installing it back in the ten footer.It sure was nice to be back at the stick flying the ten footer with flaps and bomb bay....and of course way over powered!! I broke the fuse last June real bad and put the ten footer on the shelf and put the guts in a Hobbieco Nextstar for the rest of the summer. I got more air time in the ten footer than the Nexstar so it was time for the switch. ><><Chris><><>< The Ten Footer is a streched Riser 100. Come on flying friends....380 views and zero im boring><><HA HA HA><><>
Posted by teamtwisty | Feb 05, 2008 @ 01:11 PM | 6,217 Views
I just pulled the Mega Motor out of my Hobbieco Nexstar and made it into a glider. I lengthened the nose and made a cowl out of a box of rice. I put the Mega back in my scratch built ten foot motor glider. It blew like heck all week and now there is no wind for the maiden. Thats cool ill fly all my no wind planes then.><>><Chris><><><P.S come on fellow flyers...461 views and zero comments!!......Man im boring..........HA HA HA
I flew the PSS Nexstar today. It was a perfect flight. I parked the van off the road at the base of the hill and hike up half way and launch. Its a narly hike up to take off and this means ill have to hike and fly out to the road for landing.

It was fun doing huge loops and strafing runs in that heavy ship.
Lost sight of it twice hiking out.....pucker factor!!

It was almost a 90 degree cross wind on the road, I hit the center line and rolled 30 feet to a stop just off the road.

Terry took one photo of it leaving my hand during the launch with her disposable camera....we will have to wait for the developing some day.

I can say I like this plane a whole lot better now that its a PSS and ill get more air time in it than I did when it was electric. <><Chris><><

Well its blowing in perfect so I load up the PSS Nexstar and drive the 2 minutes up to the flying site and park the van. I set up the Nexstar and do a system...Continue Reading