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Posted by billpa | Aug 18, 2011 @ 06:47 PM | 16,244 Views
Hello, and thanks for visiting my page!

Eagle Tree Systems was founded 2002. Our mission is simple but somewhat unusual for Radio Control: manufacture and sell high quality, feature-rich R/C model products at a reasonable price, with the belief that people will buy them in large enough volume to let us keep the prices low. Thanks for your help in proving that this business model is valid!

Need help with your Eagle Tree gear? We are here to help!

We recommend the following to get the fastest support:
First, please visit our RCG support forum here. Chances are a quick search of our forum will answer your question. But, if not, questions posted there are monitored by ET and many of our customers, and you will likely get your question answered very quickly!

To contact ET directly for support, please open a web ticket with us here. During summer months we can get a little bit behind, but normally your question should be addressed in 1-3 days.

Have a feature request or question about the capabilities of ET equipment? Please click here to send us an email!

Need anything else? Please visit this page for more ways to get in touch with us!

Don't hesitate email me with the link on this page, but I must apologize in advance for any delays in responding -things get really busy here sometimes!