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Posted by wim5150 | Jun 29, 2010 @ 07:07 PM | 7,181 Views
Next is a balsa model originally designed Cox .049, published in one of the RC mags some time ago. I'd only flown a couple of trainers up to this point but had to have this sleek fast looking model. Finished the build one summer evening and couldn't wait another day to toss it out. Dove to the field, quick range check & pre-flight, started it up and let it go. Flew right off the board. Did a couple of circuits with a few rolls and a loop or two it was perfect. Unfortunately I failed to notice the sun had set behind the tree line, sky above still light enough to see the plane but it was way dark in front of the trees. Decided I'd better try to land before it was too late. With the TeeDee .049 wide open and fuel tank still 1/2 full, I lined up and needless to say lost site against the dark trees. Before I realized it the plane came screaming past about 6 inches from my nose and slid into the grass about 10 feet away! The Necromancer and I went home unharmed and quite pleased.

This is a re-build for e-power. No more TeeDee's!

26.5" span 29" long 274 sq. in. balsa covered with Solite with vinyl trim. 400XT motor re-wired Delta to increase Kv and speed. 3S 1000 & 1300 mah and 2 servos.
Posted by wim5150 | Jun 29, 2010 @ 06:21 PM | 6,973 Views
A few more of my recent projects built over the last 6 to 8 months.

First, my "Cat Jet” clone from de-papered dollar tree foam, tempered to stiffen, with full semi symmetrical airfoil.

24" span 28" long 170 sq. in.
Custom wound CDROM motor 6" prop 3S 1000mah
RTF weight 11.1oz

Used only two servos and I fly like a flying wing, didn't want to run servo wire or linkage to the elevator.
Fly’s great!
Posted by wim5150 | Jun 08, 2010 @ 08:39 AM | 7,568 Views
Although I enjoy just about every kind of RC flying, slow flying wings have always fascinated me.



And my latest and most successful
20" Span w/ solite covering
C10 ELE motor
2s 400mAh batt
GWS 4ch Rx w/ 2 4.3g servos
6A esc
RTF weight 3.5 oz

Ribs made from Dollartree Readi board.
LE, spars, and TE from balsa.

Flys great! With a 1-2 mph wind it will float over head for as long as I care too. I think it might even thermal!
Speeds up nice too for a small wing.