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Having been flying electric airplanes since the very early 1980s, I had often dreamed of having the same sorts of advantages in the car that I drove. You know the list - instant starts, and instant torque, very little mechanical maintenance, silence - that sort of thing.

Then, when the first Nissan Leafs started to appear around here I took a quick look, but was put off by some of the packaging design decisions Nissan engineers had made, and, of course, there was the whole "range anxiety" thing. At the time I was working about 15 miles from home (at Boeing's 737 plant in Renton) but there was always the possibility that I would be sent to Everett on a short or longer term basis, and a car that could only do 60-odd miles on a charge just wouldn't do it. So I shelved the idea and kept on happily driving my Mazda.

Then, in the spring of 2016, I was still working in Renton when the company offered me a "voluntary layoff" -the upshot of which is that they would pay me a lump sum of 26 weeks' salary to retire two or three years sooner than I had been planning. This set into motion a fairly large chain of events, but one of them was that I knew that I would no longer be under threat of having my job relocated to Everett. So I took another look at getting an electric car through I had never driven one - just thought about it. By this time there were quite a few choices beyond the Leaf (and the Leaf itself had been improved, but still had that funky interior...Continue Reading
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This video shows my buddy Bryan flying his Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane RC Plane's near crash after a touch and go gone wrong!

Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane RC Plane Scale Flight With Tricks & Near Crash (5 min 17 sec)

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For review : Predator 40A ESC
Sent by :
Link :

Finally had the weather and the time on my side to test the Predator 40A ESC .
What attracted me to this ESC was simply that it was ready to go , everything is soldered in place - XT60 plug and bullet connectors for the motor .
To test the ESC my plan was to run it at the rated current and see what happens ( Heat - power sag ) , look for those tell tale signs that maybe everything is not right in the world .

The first prop I tried is a 10.5 x 5 and the motor pulled 30A .. The Predator 40A never got more than barely warm at all ..
So obviously I had to try a larger prop to load up the motor to put the ESC under some pressure as 30A was doing nothing to the ESC .

Danger Danger :

I swapped props and put a 11x6 Master on the motor .
When I did this I also changed the battery , putting the first one on the charger .
As I plugged in the battery and slowly cranked in power . Something strange happened .
The power sagged something terrible ..
Got to run through that check list right ?
Did I over prop the motor = Nope
Was the ESC overloading = Nope

Only thing left is the battery !
So carefully applying power I watched the power meter ..
5 amps / 10 amps and at 15 amps the battery began to collapse , or should that be the voltage was collapsing ...
10 volts , 9 volts , 8 volts , 7 volts
Bad Ju Ju folks - Looks like the battery can not sustain a discharge any longer ..
...Continue Reading
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Im trying to make a 2 ft long 26 gauge Nichrome wire foam cutter. Im using a 16v 10amp doorbell transformer with a dimmer. The dimmer is connected to the house power then into the transformer. The hot wire need 12v and 2.5 Amps to heat up but mine isnt getting hot enough with the 16v 10amps... instead the transformer is heating up. lmk if Im doing something wrong Im stuck.
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First upgrades on my new 130s
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Hello! I am having a problem.. I just recently naught a qav105. I'm new to drones. And I have a taranis qx7 transmitter and a frsky rxsr reciver. I have bind the two. I cant seem to arm it or get the motors to help
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The JJRC H68 Bellwether is a really nice flying drone with an excellent 18 min flight time. Here's my review of it.

JJRC H68 "Bellwether" Drone Review, 18 mins flight time!! (21 min 1 sec)

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Just for fun with Vertigo.
New Planes this year,
Old battery for nine years.
The fun still be the same.
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RC Tip #4 - Standardize Your Battery Connectors

RC Tip #4 - Standardize Your Battery Connectors (5 min 33 sec)

Since there is much confusion regarding the various types of battery and power connectors in the RC Hobby especially for someone new to the hobby. I have standardized my battery, power, and vehicle connectors based on Amp draw from those vehicles.

This is just a guideline as only you know what works best for you.

My rule of thumb, using XT30, XT60, and JST Connectors is as follows:

Pulling less than 10 amps: JST Connectors
Pulling between 10amps and 30amps: XT30 Connectors
Pulling more than 30amps, no more than 60amps: XT60 Connectors

I currently do not have anything pulling more than 60 amps so I have been able to standardize on those three connectors.

I convert all my battery and power connectors accordingly.

I hope this tip helps in this area.

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!
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Back in the beginning of 2017, Team Associated was getting ready to put out something that I did not see coming...The Team Associated RC10T4.3 Qualifier Series Ready-To-Run stadium truck. After seeing the red, white, and blue body, I knew I had to have one!

Well, I became a parts hoarder because of chop shops putting items up for bid on eBay. I had so many spare parts, I was able to build my version of a Factory Team SC10.3, and a T4.3. I wanted to take a step backwards for a moment, and decided to go with a brushed motor setup on my T4.3 build. Needless to say, I didn't like the motors that I tried. They got super hot! No matter what I did, I could not find a sweet spot for gearing any length of time. The 2017 season had it's ups and downs.

In June 2018, a brushless motor finally made it's way onto the truck's motor mount. The no-name motor is a finned 540, but it is a pretty potent little can. The motor being only 3100kv, it's just about perfect for my needs.

I love everything about the "4" series platforms from Associated. Being able to share a lot of parts between buggy, stadium trucks, and short course trucks means a lot to me, and why I'll be keeping mine around for a long time coming.
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Come to Nall in The Fall..... heres the video! Hope to C U There!
Joe Nall in the Fall 2018 Pre-Event Promo video By: RCINFORMER (5 min 1 sec)

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At NEAT Fair he picked up a Hobby King Arctic Cat Kit and Bonsai II PNF Wing plus a RC Cores 22" Mini Yak. He also got an E-Flite PT-17 1.1. Plus we are almost done building an RA Cores Spitfire that I bought a few years ago and pretty much forgot about. He put Fortnite guns on the wings already, so that is his too. I'd rather have him keep getting planes to fly and doing Fortnite themes that playing Fortnite . That's not a bad haul for a kid who just turned 13.
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9th flight of my first turbine. I hope you enjoy!

T-1 Mini Turbine Jet - Flight #9 (4 min 31 sec)

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I have been working with a few of the Horizon team guys to clarify how to properly set up the Telemetry feature in your Spektrum transmitter and how to use the telemetry receiver ports. This series of instructions might help you get it right the first time.

* For the Receiver voltage to be read plug in the receiver battery (harness with switch or magnetic switch connected to the receiver battery) into the Battery or Bind/Data slot.
* For the Flight Pack Power voltage to be read connect the supplied extension between the battery and the speed control power leads; then install the JST connector into the port for FLT PK Volt.
* For the Temperature telemetry to be read you will need to install the Temperature harness JST connector into the port for TEMP.

In the Transmitter:
  • Access the telemetry menu
  • In each of the telemetry positions 1 9 select the EMPTY option
  • Position 10 will always be RX Volt
  • Keep the transmitter powered on
  • Turn on the Receiver power
  • In the Telemetry menu of the transmitter select the Auto Configuration function and wait for it to connect to the receiver and configure the Telemetry Menu
  • Select the values that you would like to use for the Receiver voltage limits and alarms menu

That is all you need to do to make Telemetry work
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CUAV NEW wireless 4G LTE-LINK data transmission and digital Video link for RC FPV drone parts Industrial communication system

New CUAV LTE-LINK breaks through the traditional transmission method, which utilizes the advanced 4G LTE network (public or private network) to integrate data and video streams for unlimited distance transmission.

4G-LTE LINK (1 min 26 sec)

more details check here :
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CUAV NEW Pixhack V5 autopilot for FPV RC Drone Quadcopter Helicopter flight simulator

V5 AutoPilot is an advanced autopilot designed and made in CUAV . The board is is based on the FMUv5 open hardware design. It is fully compatible with both PX4 and ArduPilot firmware. intended primarily for academic and commercial develop.

V5 AutoPilot (2 min 2 sec)

more detail check here:
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Do you have a RC car? Racing event or free running is the most fun and rewarding. RC Car Jumps will be stimulating and creative for hobbyist, therefor, I make this RC Car Videos collection on here, hope you can like it and help me share it out or leave your comments on here, that's welcome.

RC Car Jumps Videos Collection 2018 (0 min 40 sec)

Click here to view more: Link here
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I had an interesting conversation recently with one of the senior people at HobbyCool who seems to have some insight into the Chinese drone racing we don't hear a lot about. RCInpower seem to be well regarded in the circles there but all I've seen of them so far is on a few random bind and fly models. One of their models has just reviewed really well on miniquad testbench and now I see Hobbycool have chosen them over Brother Hobby for their new bind and fly models.

At any rate they are selling the 2305 on their own in 2500kV and 1800kV and a are running a promo where you can get a free Comet race frame if you buy 4 motors for $74. I've put this on my page here if you want more details

I've ordered the Comet bind and fly kit which includes the new 2305 motors to give it a go following my review on the Hawk 5 and HGLRC Batman220 which I think will be it's key competition. $180 seems like pretty good value considering the airbot electronics that is rated for 6s.

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Back in 2003 I met a WWII B-17 veteran from Dallas. He was the quintessential 6'1" lanky Texan. When I asked him what he did I sure didnt expect him to say he was a Ball Turret Gunner. He had a photo of himself taken on the ground sitting in the turret much like the USAAF posed photos. At the time I wouldn't have believed anyone that was over 5'5" could fit in there.

BTurret by jim harley, on Flickr

I was going through some photos in an attempt organize 15 years worth of shutterbugging and I came across my ball turret pictures. I immediately thought of the Texan and the new respect I gained for that position and the inspiration he gave us as a crew. Traditionally, when we finished our tour stops in Texas, we had a couple long cross countries into New Mexico or Arizona. I talked with our crew chief at the time about getting in to the B-17 ball turret and he was game. We tested it on the ground and it was still in great shape, although the electrics were not hooked up...despite what Andy Rooney, says the Ball Turrets are electric. The hand cranks operated the turret smoothly so we agreed to take turns. I was first to go...we cranked the guns straight down and opened the hatch, I'll say right now, looking down in to that turret was one of the most intimidating views I have ever seen. The Texas landscape scrolling by through the round armored glass was spectacular. I stepped in to the turret, which has a vibration independent from the airframe...and...Continue Reading
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DustOff Flight #1 - Converted RC Chuck Glider

DustOff Flight #1 - Converted RC Chuck Glider (5 min 28 sec)

When one of our aircraft collects to much dust it's time to take it out for a flight and blow the dust off ;-)
In this flight we're dusting off our Converted Chuck Glider which is now a very fast, very acrobatic, Pusher RC Glider.
I don't think I've flown this Glider in 3 weeks.

Links to all the Parts and Components we used for this conversion are listed below.

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

48cm Big Size Hand Launch Throwing Aircraft Airplane Glider DIY Inertial Foam EPP

DYS BE1104 1104 Brushless Motor 5400KV 6500KV 7000KV 2-3S for 100 120 150 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor - 7000KV

2 Pairs Gemfan 3025 PC Propeller CW/CCW For 1104 Motor 120 150 160 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor

2.4G 4CH Micro Low Voltage DSM2 DSMX Compatible Receiver Built-in Brushed ESC

JJRC 7.4V 450MAH 35C Lipo Battery JST Plug For Emax Babyhawk FPV Racer

HobbyKing HK-5320S Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 0.075kg / 0.09sec / 1.7g

Turnigy MultiStar Race Spec 7A BLHeli-S ESC 1~2s (Opto)

WL Toys K989 1:28 Scale Rally Car - 7.4v 400mAh LiPo Battery K989-60

Pololu Adjustable Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S7V8A

Turbowing 5.8G 48CH 25mw Transmitter 700TVL 120 Degree Wide Angle Wireless FPV Camera NTSC - Copper Antenna