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Posted by dronewingman | Feb 01, 2020 @ 02:22 PM | 2,229 Views
Never List Without Your Wingman

Calling All Drone Pilots, Visual Observers, Technicians, and Industry Experts

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List With The Best
Looking to show the world what your made of ? Think your the Best ? Post your services and list with the best at dronewingman.com !
Dronewingman.com is a veteran owned and operated company and we are looking to create the best listing site so you can easily be found. Our Dynamic search engine allows you to easily be targeted for anyone looking for the best pilots for there industry.

Not a Drone Pilot. No Problem

At Dronewingman we want to create a targeted environment and expand the industry to allow for more growth in the industry while allowing you to post your services as a wingman (drone observer), Parts supplier, Drone Repair Technician, or Industry expert !

I want to be part of the elite, but how?

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Step one: Go to DroneWingman.com and select add listing.

Step two: Select a plan. We offer the following plans each with there own features and benefits.

Wingman : This is a FREE Plan and allows you to post your services for free for a year but not as much functionality such as appointments, announcements, events etc. See site for more details.

Wilcard: This plan is $15.00 per listing for 90 days and includes appointments,announcements, events, and bookings for 90 days. See site for more details.

Flying Ace: This plan is $30.00 for 1 full year with the same functionality included in the Wilcard.

Step 3: Once your listing is submitted are moderators will reach out to you to validate the authenticity of you certification or services.