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Posted by Jahn Dee | Jan 16, 2020 @ 08:21 PM | 6,071 Views
Hi all:
This obviously is my first blog post... where to start.
I'm retired living in the Philippines as an Expat. A great place to be. We have to date no restrictions on R/C activities except drones are Geo fenced from Airports. (very few airports however) There are very few bonafide R/C flying fields, but they do exist, just not near me. So after 50 years or so in R/C living in the U.S. I'm looking at appropriate ways to re-enter the hobby on a reduced scale. My thoughts are trying either electric sailplanes and small electric foamies. Been looking at a lot of FMS stuff, it's cheap and fairly well made it seems. Their 3 meter Fox looks pretty awesome for a big foamie. But to start I'm thinking a Volantex 2.4 meter electric sailplane, and or an FMS cub or Beaver 2 meter.

My past experience includes 40% aerobatic planes and 30% and 40% sailplanes. There is no way to accommodate this size plane here let alone find a place to fly, so KISS will be my motto at this point. BTW we do have a lot of potential slope sites here to explore for soaring.
Cheers, more to follow