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Posted by AlkaM | Jun 01, 2017 @ 12:38 PM | 20,504 Views
This is a very simple esc to build. It actually uses P-fets for the upper switch and switches them through a voltage divider. The bottom n-fet is driven directly from the MCU. I have tested it in a quad on 2s and 3s and on the bench with 1s ( don't have a 1s flight controller to test with). It didn't even explode on 4s with a racerstar 1306 motor !( but most likely would in the air or the motor would smoke). It can't give a current rating but it will be fine for the smaller motors up to 15 amp burst. In practice the motor got much hotter than the esc's for the 1306's.
It's tricky to get the bridge to switch fast enough so the resistor and component choices are critical. There are only a handful mosfets that I know of that would work on the pcb at that switching speed with such poor drive current. Also the pinout for the p-mosfet is different from the norm so look at the parts notes on the schematic carefully if you want to build this. The layout is a for a four layer board but the schematic is pretty basic to make a two layer version.
Uses firmware F_H_90.

Gerber files and schematics and layout in the zip.

Upper mosfet p-channel : CSD25402Q3
Lower mosfet n_channel: CSD17304Q3