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Posted by Bombay | Mar 14, 2011 @ 11:23 AM | 24,280 Views
Against my better judgement, I started the build for this infamous plane.

I bought it in the ARF form from an old-timer at my field. This was at least 6 months ago. There was a float fly-in coming up, and it looked like a breeze to put together. He didn't tell me otherwise. Long story short, I soon found out by reading this thread that there were numerous issues. I shelved it...and ordered a few parts that I thought I would need.

It is raining here again (finally) in my part of the country, so I decided to take the down-time and go for it. I soon became discouraged again after re-visiting the Guanli Icon thread here on rcg. Nonetheless, I moved forward...

Potential Mods
Reconfigure battery tray
Seal decals and foam surfaces with Minwax Poly
No wing floats
Waterproof gasket on cockpit/battery access
Deepen step
May move elevator servo from battery tray to direct install on horizontal stabilizer

Battery tray
The servo and battery tray is a joke in this plane. While it is a nice balsa tray, the battery slot wouldn't fit a 2200mah...or even a 1500mah...not even the 1300mah I use frequently. The slot is very, very narrow. I popped the battery tray portion out and put in a balsa-foam combo that would fit a 2200mah and larger...and would allow ample room to slide the battery forward or backward as needed. Not too difficult with the right tools (screw driver for prying, dremmel for cutting and sanding, 6mm depron, foam-safe contact cement, and some epoxy). Done!

to be continued...

Parts being used