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Posted by JimLindner | Jan 28, 2020 @ 04:59 PM | 14,958 Views
I am new to OpenTX and Jumper, coming from a Futaba background. I borrowed the idea for a spreadsheet from another RCgroups member who did it for a Frysky X10. I use a spreadsheet for my Futaba and Jumper radios.

Page 1 of a Spreadsheet for JumplerT16

I only fly Spektrum UMX planes and Blade Helicopters so the samples are from those craft. The templates can be modified for your own use. These helped me keep my programming methods clearer in my mind so I could remember what I did and where. I also included the OTX files which go with the spreadsheet so you can see the correlation and use companion. I should caution everyone that I am new to OpenTX so although they work for me use at your own risk. The spreadsheet provides a brief description of the Logical and Special Functions.

Many people had questions on what the push-button switch would be used for so I included a model for my P47 UMX which has a sound card and uses the buttons along with switch SH for different sounds. I only have the template set up as it has not been tested on this model yet. I do fly with the other models so I know they work. I have included an OTX file for a UMX Pitts Blade Nano CpX and a UMX P47 which has flaps and landing gear but no sound. The other item on the templates which has not been tested is the SAFE related functions, as presently I have no craft with SAFE receivers.


You will need Microsoft Excell to open the spreadsheet.

OTX files are using OpenTX 2.3.5;
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Posted by JimLindner | Nov 02, 2017 @ 10:39 AM | 3,660 Views
In Mod 1 I added Retracts, LEDís, Invasion Stripes and a few other details for those that missed it the link is P47X Mod1 Build. I decided what the heck, why should the Giant RC guys have all the fun so I decided to attempt to also have sound in my UMX P47X.

I used the Benedini TBS-Mini Sound Unit and a PUI transducer rather than a speaker. Itís a great little unit and Thomas did a great job designing it.

Originally I mounted the transducer (speaker) to the top fuselage with the sound unit over it. This converts the upper fuselage into one big speaker. It is simply glued to upper fuselage which now acts as a speaker.

Iíve since moved the transducer back about an inch directly under the Ninja Pilot for better CG. I was getting quite a few nose overís on landing and this shifts the cg back a bit as shown below. This also gives a better CG point and compensates for no longer allowing the battery to go as far aft as it used to since the sound unit now blocks it.

The sound card is mounted to a shelf on the upper fuselage next to the transducer (originally below it). The red connector on the left is used to program the unit and the pins on the right are inputs/outputs; throttle in, power, ground, ledís etc.

When I moved the transducer aft I also raised the sound unit shelf towards the pilot for more clearance above the receiver and this is the latest location of the sound unit with the transducer aft of it.

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Posted by JimLindner | Oct 15, 2017 @ 03:59 PM | 2,306 Views
I made the bush wheels, added blinking belly light, changed the registration number (true CC #) and checkered the tail (a CC paint option).