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Posted by FredericG | Jun 03, 2008 @ 01:23 PM | 18,580 Views
(Also mentioned this in the FPV forum, just a copy to my blog...)

I was testing a new algorithm for my autopilot. So I was flying in the traditional way, without goggles. The video-rx with recorder was at home, 300m away.

When I activated the return-home function nothing happened.... I tried to disengage the autopilot and bring the plane back manually, but the plane did not respond and just flew away and disappeared.

I could no longer see the plane and thought I had lost it. I reactivated the return home but I was thinking that the system had failed and that it would not respond. A few minutes later, while I was explaining to a friend that I had just lost my plane, I could hear a plane above me... It had come back!

When I studied the video-footage of the event, it showed that I had been playing with the switch for the altitude-hold. All the time the Heading-hold function was active (this explains why I could not control the plane). When the plane was out of sight I seem to have used the correct switch and activated the return home...

A made a small video of what happened. The values in the middle of the screen are debug-values.