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Posted by FredericG | Apr 04, 2008 @ 12:49 PM | 18,714 Views
Periodically I get the question if I can provide my software for the BlackBoxCamera boards. As there is no short answer to this question and as there is a lot of confusion, I decided to place a comprehensive answer here, so that I can point to this message each time I get this question.

The BlackBoardCamera board comes standard with a 16F628 PIC. I can provide a hex file for a 16F648 PIC that fits in the same socket.
Here are a few important remarks:
- it only works on the OLD boards that have a STV5730 OSD chip. BlackBoxCamera now sells new boards with a MAXIM OSD. Unfortunately my software is not compatible with these new boards. Perhaps it is possible to find second-hand boards
- This is a version that displays ground-speed, heading, altitude, flight-time, climb-indicator, north-indicator and pilot-indicator (distance and direction). If does not contain features like rudder-home or failsafe-detection.
- I use a Haicom GPS. Several people have tested with the popular EM406 GPS. For GPS devices that output RS232 levels or low TTL levels (<4V), the board must have a DS275 chip or you must add some other circuit to adapt the signal levels. Possibly it also works with other GPS devices at generate NMEA messages at 4800baud but there are no guarantees.