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I noticed that the hinges on the elevator seem to offer different levels of resistance. When looking at the plane from the tail end, the far right side of the elevator seems to have more play in it then the left side. I think this is due to the weakening of the hinges and the off-center pull from the fishing line and rubber bands. I tried to adjust/strengthen the hinges before using clear packing tape, but it didn't seem to resolve the issue. I don't think this torquing of the elevator caused any problems in flight, but it seems to me that it could cause the plane to tilt left or right when elevator is applied.

I decided that I would replace the horizontal control surface while I have my plane apart for a pushrod mod. While at the LHS, I came across the Du-bro nylon hinges (Part 116). They look well built and seemed very light...just about the same size as the SkyFly hinges. Here we go...

First, I lined up a nylon hinge with the SF hinge and put a pencil mark where the hinge will start. I also pencil marked the width of the hinge on the elevator and flap...and on the bottom and top.

Next, I cut the SF hinges to remove the elevator flap. I then removed the SF hinge from the flap.

Next, I chose a knife with a wide, angled blade. This will allow me to cut straight down, and outward at the same time. A narrower blade would not yield the same results. I drew a line on the knife that is roughly the same depth as the hinge. I wanted to make sure my cut was deep...Continue Reading
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Skyfly Pushrod Modification

Here is another version of the Skyfly pushrod modification. I will call it “my” version, because I did it with several goals in mind:

1) Do not remove the electronics
2) Make the modification visually unnoticeable
3) Use as many of the SkyFly2 parts as possible
4) Run the pushrods through the boom
5) Do not cut into the fuselage of the SkyFly
6) Do not alter the center of gravity (CoG)
7) Do not destroy the SkyFly in the process

Anticipated Parts List:

1) 1 SkyFly
2) SkyFly2 pushrods – Part # HCAA3878
3) Du-Bro Mini E/Z Connectors – Part # 845
4) Du-Bro E-Z Connectors – Part # 121
5) Control Horns SkyFly2 – Part # HCAA3886
6) Screw-Lock Connectors SkyFly2 – Part # HCAA3887
7) Screws SkyFly2 – Part # HCAA3881
8) 1/6” shrink tubing

Tools List:

1) Needle-nose pliers
2) Long, curved-nose tweezers
3) Scotch tape
4) White craft paint
5) Dremmel tool and bits
6) Chili Cheese Fritos
7) Parts tray
8) Scissors
9) Various micro screwdrivers

First let me say that I really did not have any major problems with the original pull-pull fishing line and rubber band control system on the SkyFly. It did need continual adjustment…and the rubber bands did start to stretch out, but I did not experience any crashes or failures of the stock system. It actually had a few good points. It was extremely lightweight and it was easy to fine tune. With that said, fishing line does abrade and rubber bands do stretch and/or decay. Since...Continue Reading
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The Cox Lazy Bee - Our first airplane and entry into the RC arena

Many years ago, my brother and I purchased a Cox Lazy Bee (LB for short) from a Tower Hobbies Catalog. This is a little story about the events leading up to that purchase, our experience with the LB, and then my current attempt at rebuilding the LB.

The Early Years
The way I remember it is that we had always been impressed with a $350 helicopter that we used to see in a popular catalog. I believe the catalog was BEST or Service Merchandise. Luckily, we never got it. I am sure we would have either cut our heads off or created severe damage in the neighborhood. We did, however, have many rubberband powered gliders, various rc cars, and even a Cox line-controlled gas plane.

Jump ahead many, many years to a family gathering down at Galveston where my family rented a beach house for a week. I thought it would give us something cool to do, so I ordered it and had it Fedex'd to meet us at the beach house. We read the instructions and put it together. The instructions warned against flying in wind over 5mph, but we thought we knew better. We didn't.

"Flight" Attempts
Our first flight consisted of finding a parking lot and trying to do a ROG takeoff. I don't remember the particulars, but it didn't go too well. I am sure my brother blamed it on me. We tried a couple more times with a hand-launch, but we still couldn't get it in the air...for very long. A couple of pieces of broken...Continue Reading